Download Free Nikon D3000 User Guide.pdf This Nikon D3000 Owners Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting the Nikon D3000.

Table of contents Nikon D3000 Manual
  • Introduction
  • Basic Photography and Playback
  • Guide Mode
  • More On Photography
  • PSA and M Modes
  • More On Playback
  • Connections
  • The Playback Menu
  • The Shooting Menu
  • The Setup Menu
  • The Retouch Menu
  • Recent Settings
  • Technical Notes

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nikon d3000 review said...

Newbies will love this camera. It has basic features and is very user friendly. It is a 10.2 mp camera. The photo quality and speed is quite good. It is not very expensive and worth buying. People new to DSLRs will love this camera.