Download Free Samsung GT-S3650 User Manual.pdf This Samsung GT-S3650 User Guide Owners Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting the Samsung GT-S3650.

Table of contentSamsung GT-S3650 Manual
  • safety and usage information
    Safety warnings ~ Safety precautions ~ Important usage information
  • introducing your mobile phone
    Unpack ~ Phone layout ~ Keys ~ Icons
  • assembling and preparing your mobile phone
    Install the SIM card and battery ~ Charge the battery ~ Insert a memory card (optional) ~ Attach a hand strap (optional)
  • using basic functions
    Turn your phone on and off ~ Use the touch screen ~ Access menus ~ Use widgets ~ Access help information ~ Customise your phone ~ Use basic call functions ~ Send and view messages ~ Add and find contacts ~ Use basic camera functions ~ Listen to music ~ Browse the web ~ Use the Google services
  • using advanced functions
    Use advanced call functions ~ Use advanced phonebook functions ~ Use advanced messaging functions ~ Use advanced camera functions ~ Use advanced music functions
  • using tools and applications
    Use the Bluetooth wireless feature ~ Activate and send an SOS message ~ Activate the mobile tracker ~ Make fake calls ~ Record and play voice memos ~ Edit images ~ Print images ~ Upload photos and videos to upload ~ Use Java-powered games and applications ~ Synchronise data ~ Create and view world clocks ~ Set and use alarms ~ Use the calculator ~ Convert currencies or measurements ~ Set a countdown timer ~ Use the stopwatch ~ Create new tasks ~ Create text memos ~ Manage your calendar
  • troubleshooting

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