Xerox WorkCentre PE16 Service Manual

Xerox WorkCentre PE16 Service Manual
Xerox WorkCentre PE16 Service Manual
The Xerox WorkCentre PE16 Service Manual PDF is the primary document used for repairing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the printer. This manual covered: precautions before servicing the printer, tool list information, acronym and abbreviation lists, and sample test patterns, information about general specification printer, print Specification, scan Specification, copy Specification, telephone Specification, fax Specification. This Xerox WorkCentre PE16 Service Manual describes the functions and operating principals of the main components, get to know more control panel functions.

When you uninstall and reinstall the component of Xerox WorkCentre PE16, You must be very careful. The proximity of moving parts makes proper routing becomes important. If the component is released, the cable is disturbed by the procedure should be restored as closely as possible to its original position. Before removing any component of the machine, make a note of the cable routing will be affected. See the alignment and adjustments chapter for service the main functions of the printer such as the product maintenance method,  the test output related to maintenance and repair, DCU using method, Jam removing method, and so on. 

Troubleshooting chapter describes how to handle paper feeding problems, printing malfunction problems, printing quality problems, fax, and phone problems, copy problems, scanning problems, how to service toner cartridge, on the last chapter describes the exploded views and the parts list of Xerox WorkCentre PE16.

Xerox WorkCentre PE16 Service Manual table of contents
  • Precautions
    Product terms, Symbols Marked on the Product, Laser Safety Statement, Power Safety Precautions, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions, Service-Safety Summary, Servicing Electrical Components, Servicing Mechanical Components, Servicing Fuser Components.
  • Reference Information
    Tool for Troubleshooting, Acronyms, and Abbreviations, The Sample Test Patterns.
  • Information
    General Specifications, Print Specification, Scan Specification, Copy Specification, Telephone Specification, Fax Specification, Paper Handling, Software, Consumables.
  • Summary of product
    Printer Components, Control Panel, System Layout, LSU (Laser Scanner Unit), Toner Cartridge, Main PBA, Flash Memory. SDRAM, Sensor input circuit, SMPS & HVPS, HVPS (High Voltage Power Supply), Switching Mode Power Supply, Fuser AC Power Control, Engine F/W, LIU PBA, OPE PBA.
  • Disassembly and Reassembly
    General Precautions on Disassembly, Middle Cover & Exit Roller, Engine Shield Ass’y, Main PBA, Fuser Ass'y, Pick-Up Ass'y & Solenoid.
  • Alignment and Adjustments
    Paper path, Copy & Scan Document Path, Printer Paper Path, Clearing Paper Jams, Tips for Avoiding Paper Jams, User Mode, How to Enter Tech Mode, Setting-up System in Tech Mode, Data Setup, Flash Upgrade, Machine Test, Engine Test Mode, To enter the Engine Test Mode, Diagnostic, Consumables and Replacement Parts, Abnormal Image Printing and Defective Roller, Error Messages.
  • Troubleshooting
    Paper Feeding Problems, Paper rolled in the fuser, Paper rolled in the OPC, Defective ADF, Printing Problems, Defective LCD Operation, Not functioning of the fuser gear due to melting away, Paper Empty, Paper Empty without indication, No lamp on when the Door is open, Defective Motor operation, No Power, Vertical Line Getting Curved, Printing Quality Problems, Fax & Phone Problems, Copy Problems, Service for the Life of Toner Cartridge, Signs and Measures at Poor toner cartridge.
  • Exploded Views and Parts List
    Main Assembly Exploded view, Rx Drive Ass’y Exploded view, ADF Assembly Exploded view, OPE Assembly Exploded view, Scanner Assembly Exploded view, Middle Cover Assembly Exploded view, Frame Ass’y Exploded view, Fuser Ass’y Exploded view, Cassette Ass’y Exploded view.
  • Block Diagram
  • Connection Diagram
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