COPIER CANON iR4570 / iR3570 / iR2870 / iR2270 SERVICE MANUAL

CANON iR4570 / iR3570 / iR2870 / iR2270 SERVICE MANUAL
This manual has been issued by Canon Inc. for qualified persons to learn technical theory, installation, maintenance, and repair of products. This manual covers all localities where the products are sold. For this reason, there may be information in this manual that does not apply to your locality.

This manual may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors due to improvements or changes in products. When changes occur in applicable products or in the contents of this manual, Canon will release technical information as the need arises. In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new edition of this manual.

Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Basic Operation
  4. Main Controller
  5. Original Exposure System
  6. Laser Exposure
  7. Image Formation
  8. Pickup/ Feeding System
  9. Fixing System
  10. External and Controls
  11. MEAP
  12. Maintenance and Inspection
  13. Standards and Adjustments
  14. Correcting Faulty Images
  15. Self Diagnosis
  16. Service Mode
  17. Service Tools
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