Download Xerox Phaser 790 Service Manual - This repair is part of the multinational documentation system for the Xerox Phaser 790 printer and is used to diagnose machine malfunction, adjust the 2006 Printer/Copier Service components DC. Documentation and information that serves to keep the product in the operating superior. This is the control publication for a service call. Information on its use can be found in the Introduction to Service Documentation. This manual contains information that applies to NASG and ESG copiers. Service Revision Service Manual will be updated as the machine changes or problem areas. Organization Service This manual is divided into nine sections. Section headings and a description of the information contained in each section are included in the following paragraphs: Section 1 Service Call Procedures This section contains procedures that determine what actions to take when calling for service on the machine and In which order they should be completed. This is the input level for all service calls. Article 2 Article RAPs status indicator contains the diagnosis related to AIDS to troubleshoot the error code and the non-fault error code (with the exception of copy quality problems).
Section 3 Quality Image This section contains diagnostic AIDS to resolve all quality copying problems, as well as specimen quality specifications and copy samples. Section 4 Repairs and Adjustments, this section contains all adjustments and repair procedures. Repairs include removal procedures and replacement parts that have the following particular conditions: what removal or replacement can not be determined from the exploded view of the parts list. When there is a cleaning or lubricant the activity associated with the procedure. When the part requires adjustment after replacement. When it takes a special tool to remove or replace. Use repair procedures for proper removal and replacement order, warnings, precautions, and notes. Adjustments include procedures to adjust the parts that must be in the specification for proper operation of the system. Use the adjustment procedures for the correct sequence of operation for specifications, warnings, precautions and notes.

Section 5: Parts lists this section contains the list of printer/copier parts. Section 6: Procedures / General Information This section contains general procedures, Diagnostic and Copier information programs. Section 7: Data Cabling This section includes drawings, lists of plug/take locations and wire feed diagrams of distribution networks in the machine. Individual conductor networks are displayed in the diagrams in section 2. This section also contains schematic diagrams. How to use this Documentation, the Service call procedures in Section 1 describe the sequence of activities used during the service call. The call must be entered using these procedures.

Electrical diagrams (CDs) are included in Sections 2 (PA indicator status) and 3 (PA quality image) of the repair. All wirenets, except power distribution wirenets, are on the CD. Power distribution wirenets are listed in Section 7 (Data Wiring) of the repair. The power distribution wirenets on the CD will terminate at the terminal board for distributed power. Find the wirenet for this power and locate the terminal board on the wirenet. Use the wirenet to solve any power distribution wiring not listed on the CD. Schematic Diagrams (BSD) are included in Section 7 (Data Wiring) of the repair. The BSDs show the functional relationship of the electrical circuits for all mechanical or non-mechanical, inputs or outputs throughout the machine. Inputs and outputs as the drive motor, mechanical connections, operator and air flow are indicated. The BSDs will provide an overview of the operation of the entire subsystem, eg ADF.