Download Xeros Phaser 8400 Service Manual - Print speed of 24 pages per minute. A 500 MHz processor. The fastest print on the first page of all color printers. Remarkable, rich color output on practically every print material. And all this at a much lower price than you would expect from a professional color printer. The Xeros Phaser 8400 printer offers an unbeatable performance potential for successful companies who want to enjoy the benefits of color printing without compromise.

The Phaser 8400 color printer delivers the expressiveness and persistence of color at an unmatched price. And just like in your company, everything goes very fast the SinglePass Solid Ink technology works at a remarkable speed: an attractive alternative to the laser printer. Full color pages with a speed of up to 24 ppm. this printer never lets you wait. Only 6 seconds until the first page is printed. Designed based on a 500 MHz high-performance PowerPC processor, with up to 512 MB of memory, real Adobe PostScript 3, and an optional 20 GB hard drive for maximum performance in busy office environments. Vibrant, rich colors from a desktop color printer for workgroups. Make yourself independent from expensive external service agencies.

Solid Ink delivers images in the brightest colors so natural that you can hardly believe your eyes. With clear, crisp textual rendering, vivid diagrams and graphics, and true-to-nature photos, it's exactly the output quality that draws your attention to your business. Solid ink colors are more natural, saturated and remarkably even, color side for color side. The new 2400 FinePoint TM image enhancement technology delivers the Non plus Ultra in the field of print quality. Uniform results on a wide variety of materials, including thick top sheet material and clear film. Automatic color optimization means that you get exactly the color you expect, every time.

Solid ink technology offers you more at a lower price with environmentally friendly consumables and ease of use that no other printer can provide. The Phaser 8400 is as easy to load as a stapler. The Solid Ink Stix can be inserted into their chambers at any time, with the filling status always visible. The compact, clean Solid Ink Stix produces less waste and has minimal impact on the environment. Integrated after unpacking the network in four steps thanks to optimized auto-installation and step-by-step installation instructions. The Intelligent Ready feature remembers your printing habits and average print volume, allowing you to adjust the warm-up and energy-saving modes accordingly.

Ease-of-use, and user-level troubleshooting provides system administrators with the ability to focus on network-related tasks. This is exactly what we provide you with the necessary tools - for more effective work. Xerox CentreWare print management lets you quickly access a wealth of features, including printer and job status, detailed billing information, e-mail alerts, simplified printer installation, and network administration. A built-in web server (CentreWare IS Integrated Web Server) allows you to manage, configure, and troubleshoot printers from any location using a web browser. The Intelligent Phaser 8400 gives users the ability to troubleshoot themselves using the PhaserSMART Remote Diagnostic Tool, an Internet-based automated support system.


Xerox 8400 ink said...

I am so glad that i found the Xerox 8400 manual. I have had this printer for a while now, and when plugged into my PC it works flawlessly and consistently, but when i connect it to my Apple there are difficulties in getting it to conduct the print procedure AND actually putting ink on the page. I hope the manual is able to help me solve this problem. i really like this printer and dont see any reason for getting a new one.