The Xerox Phaser 8200 color printer offers the advantage of powerful performance. This means fast printing in real situations, no matter how complex your print job or your business. And because of its economical price is affordable for any office. Color printing up to 16 ppm means your waiting time is up, even for larger print jobs. The first page leaves after 9 seconds. It is the fastest first page output speed on any color printer. It is equipped with a 300 MHz high-speed PowerPC processor, with memory up to 256 MB, real Adobe PostScript 3, and has an optional hard disk (10 GB minimum) for exceptional performance. Incredibly priced gives you the competitive advantage of color at a cost similar to that of a black and white network printer.
The marvel of this printer stands out at the output: crisp, clear text and detail, and an incredibly bright color that stands out as you look at the page. The color of the solid ink is more real, more saturated and highly consistent, page after page, on virtually any media. Select Photo mode at 1200 dpi and watch images and photos fill up with life. Optimize color automatically with color adjustment technology that no other printer can emulate.

The most advanced color printer of all time is also the easiest to use. In your daily print tasks, you will appreciate the simplicity and robustness of the Xerox Phaser 8200. Its high-performance design and intelligent functions make your operation simple, reliable and cost-effective. Load the solid ink bar into the appropriate slot at any time, even while printing. The Xerox Phaser 8200 is just as easy to load as a stapler. The clumsy handling of the dirty toner is over. The best for the environment and for your budget, because solid and efficient ink respects the environment and has practically no losses. It watches itself, ready to print when the user demands it, and in energy-saving mode when the user is absent. Out of the box and installed in your network in minutes, a tremendously simple installation. Proven reliability supported by a one-year home warranty.

What better than having stunning full-color pages that set you apart from your competition? Why not have the same impressive color in transparencies, business cards and labels?. Thanks to its simple paper path, you can put a wide range of media on the Xerox Phaser 8200. Use the manual feed for heavy media up to 216 g / m2, business cards and envelopes. The two-sided printing option is automatic and fast. The 200-sheet tray feeds 60 to 150 g / m2 paper and supports heavy paper and covers up to 160 g / m2. Add one or two 500-sheet high capacity feeders to increase capacity up to 1200 sheets.