Samsung ML-1630 Laser Printer

The user-friendliness of Samsung ML-1630 laser printer offers high-quality professional print jobs in less than 15 seconds. Compact, quiet and laptop, printer elegant is the ideal solution for companies in the handling or projects. The ML-1630 has a page per minute, fast time of printing, with low noise emissions and energy-saving settings, award-winning design.

By pressing a button, the World wisdom ML-1630 laser printer in the "standby" mode even when pressure of less than 15 seconds. Pressure on 16 to 17 pages per minute means that you do not, from time to time for a long print jobs. The printer prints with a crusty 1200 X 600 dpi resolution and has 8 MB of memory. And his weight only 14.1 kilograms, the ML-1630 is not only elegant and functional, but also very portable.

Easy on the eyes with black finished chic and cool sapphire LED, the ML-1630 is an essential part of any political office. It measures 13.1-compact of 14.8 by 4.7 inches, there is the valuable office space without compromising the efficacy. The design, developed this laser printer Samsung runs on all the softness of the printer sensor touch screen, keyboard, and the printer has a 100, and a semi-automatic drawer easy access Toner bay.

This laser works less than 45 decibels sound when printing. To put things into proper perspective, the library is working on average 40 decibels. In other words, this nation printer interface has been designed to provide you with joy, you do not interfere with the noise. With the ML-1630, just your workspace much more productive and much calmer.

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