Download Free NAVIGON 2100 Car GPS User’s Guide pdf. Welcome to the exciting world of handheld navigation. The NAVIGON 2100/2120 offers Global Positioning System (GPS)-based navigation and thousands of Points Of Interest (POIs). With the optional lifetime TMC accessory service, your navigation system can receive the latest traffic information available. If necessary, it can change your route dynamically in order to avoid traffic congestion.

With the optional lifetime Zagat POIs accessory service, you receive ratings on thousands of POIs from the world's leading provider of consumer survey-based dining, travel and leisure information.

Table of contents NAVIGON 2100 Car GPS User’s Guide
  • Introduction
    About this manual ~ Conventions ~ Symbols
  • Welcome
    Introducing Your NAVIGON 2100 ~ About GPS navigation
  • Getting Started
    What’s included ~ Important safety information ~ Navigation safety information ~ Safety information for the navigation device ~ Safety guidelines when installing in your car ~ Preparing your NAVIGON 2100 ~ Charging the battery ~ Inserting a memory card ~ Removing the memory card ~ Securing the cradle ~ Securing the navigation device to the cradle ~ Supplying power to the navigation device ~ Connecting an Optional GPS Antenna (Not Included) ~ Optional Accessory Services ~ Activating an Optional Accessory Service ~ Confirming Optional Traffic Accessory Service Activation ~ Confirming Optional Zagat POI Accessory Service Activation
  • Basic Operations
    Starting the NAVIGON 2100 ~ The Main Window ~ My Destinations ~ Take Me Home ~ Show Map ~ The Options Button ~ Returning to the Main Window ~ Initializing the GPS receiver ~ Setting the volume ~ Using Standby Mode ~ Turning the NAVIGON 2100 Off ~ Viewing device status ~ GPS ~ Power ~ TMC (Traffic Information) ~ Using software keyboards ~ Using menus
  • Security
    The Password Lock Window ~ Setting a password ~ Changing a password ~ Cancelling password protection ~ Forgotten your password?
  • Selecting Destinations
    Using auto-complete to select a destination ~ The Search Area Button ~ Selecting a Search Area ~ Ways to Search for Destinations ~ Enter an Address ~ Search for a POI ~ By Tapping on the Map ~ Entering an address ~ Specifying a city first ~ Specifying a street first ~ Selecting a Point of Interest (POI) destination ~ POIs nearby ~ POIs in a specified city ~ Nationwide POIs ~ Direct Access POIs ~ Selecting a destination by tapping the map ~ Starting navigation ~ Quitting navigation ~ No GPS reception ~ Arriving at your destination
  • Zagat Points of Interest (POIs) (Optional Accessory)
    Zagat POI Categories ~ Search for Zagat POIs ~ View Zagat POI Information
  • My Destinations
    Saving a destination ~ Saving the current location using GPS ~ Saving your home address as a destination ~ Selecting a saved destination ~ Selecting a destination from the Favorites list ~ Selecting a destination from the Last Destinations list ~ Navigating homewards
  • Working With Routes
    Accessing the Route Planning Window ~ Entering the starting point ~ Changing the starting point ~ Entering route points ~ Changing the order of route points ~ Managing routes ~ Saving routes ~ Loading routes ~ Navigation ~ Calculating and displaying routes ~ Viewing the Route Profile ~ Simulating routes ~ Starting a route simulation ~ Ending simulation ~ Viewing a Turn-by-Turn List ~ Blocking route sections ~ Removing blocks and using original routes
  • Working With Maps
    NAVIGON 2100 Map ~ View information on the current map ~ Selecting a different map ~ Map in Preview mode ~ Map in Navigation mode ~ Map functions in Navigation mode ~ Map in Destination search mode ~ Operating in Destination search mode ~ Reality View (Junction View)
  • TMC (Traffic Information) (Optional Accessory)
    Accessing the TMC (Traffic Information) Window ~ The TMC (Traffic Information) Window ~ Types of Messages ~ Traffic Flow Severity Indicators ~ Event or Incident Icons ~ Displaying traffic messages ~ Requesting a route recalculation ~ TMC Settings Window ~ Select another station ~ Select Tuning Mode Settings ~ Specify the type of traffic messages to display ~ Select Reroute Settings
  • Logbook
    Starting a recording ~ Stopping the recording
  • Customizing Your NAVIGON 2100
    Accessing the Settings window ~ The Settings window ~ Basic Settings ~ Current Map Settings ~ POI Settings ~ Route Profile Settings ~ Selecting options ~ Moving between pages ~ Viewing a list of options for a setting ~ Viewing information about a setting ~ Toggling between options ~ Changing an option setting
  • Technical Data
    Specifications ~ Compliance Notices
  • Index

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