Download Free Alpine CDA-9883 Head Unit Owner's Manual pdf. This user guide contains the information you need when installing and configuring the Alpine CDA-9883.

Table of contents Alpine CDA-9883 Owners Manual
  • Operating Instructions
  • Getting Started
    Accessory List ~ Turning Power On and Off ~ Detaching and Attaching the Front Panel ~ Initial System Start-Up ~ Adjusting Volume ~ Lowering Volume Quickly ~ Setting Time
  • Radio
    Listening to Radio ~ Presetting Stations Manually ~ Presetting Stations Automatically ~ Tuning to Preset Stations ~ Frequency Search Function ~ Receiving a Multicast Station (HD Radio mode only)
    Playback ~ Repeat Play ~ M.I.X. (Random Play) ~ Searching from CD Text ~ File/Folder Name Search (concerning MP3/WMA/AAC) ~ Quick Search ~ About MP3/WMA/AAC
  • Sound Setting
    Adjusting Bass/Treble/Balance (Between Left and Right)/Fader (Between Front and Rear)/Defeat ~ Setting the Bass Control ~ Setting the Treble Control ~ Adjusting the High Pass Filter ~ Turning Loudness On/Off
  • Other Functions
    Displaying the Text ~ Displaying Time
  • Setup
    Bluetooth in ~ Sound Customizing ~ Visual Customizing ~ MP3/WMA/AAC ~ External Device ~ General Setting ~ HD Radio (Only when HD Radio is connected)
  • SAT Radio Receiver (Optional)
    Receiving Channels with the SAT Radio Receiver (Optional) ~ Checking the SAT Radio ID Number ~ Storing Channel Presets ~ Receiving Stored Channels ~ Storing the desired Sports Team (SIRIUS only) ~ Storing the desired Song/Artist ~ Recalling the stored information ~ Canceling the stored Alert Memory ~ Search Function ~ Quick Search Function ~ Receiving Weather or Traffic Information from SAT Radio ~ Instant Replay Function (SIRIUS only) ~ Changing the Display ~ Setting the Auxiliary Data Field Display
  • iPod® (Optional)
    Playback ~ Searching for a desired Song ~ Quick Search ~ Direct Search Function ~ Select Playlist/Artist/Album/Podcast/Genre/Composer ~ Random Play Shuffle (M.I.X.) ~ Repeat Play ~ Displaying the Text
  • Changer (Optional)
    Controlling CD Changer (Optional) ~ Playing MP3 Files with the CD Changer ~ Multi-Changer Selection (Optional)
  • Information
    In Case of Difficulty ~ Specifications
  • Installation and Connections
    Warning ~ Caution ~ Precautions ~ Installation ~ Connections

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