Download Free Apple MacBook Pro User Guide pdf. This user guide contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring and troubleshooting the Apple MacBook Pro.

Table of contents Apple MacBook Pro User Guide
  • Getting Started
    Setting Up Your MacBook Pro ~ Basic Features of Your MacBook Pro ~ Keyboard Features of Your MacBook Pro ~ Additional Features of Your MacBook Pro ~ Putting Your MacBook Pro to Sleep or Shutting It Down ~ Calibrating Your Battery ~ Getting More Information
  • Getting to Know Your MacBook Pro
    Adjusting Your Display ~ Using Your Power Adapter ~ Using the Trackpad ~ Using the Keyboard ~ Using a Mouse ~ Using the Apple Remote and Front Row ~ Using the Built-in iSight Camera ~ Getting Answers Using Mac Help ~ Learning About Mac OS X ~ Customizing Your Desktop and Setting Your Preferences ~ Using Applications ~ When an Application Does Not Respond ~ Keeping Your Software Up to Date ~ Connecting to a Printer ~ Playing a CD and Connecting Headphones ~ Connecting a Camera or Other FireWire or USB Device ~ Transferring Files to Another Computer
  • Using Your MacBook Pro
    Using Universal Serial Bus Devices ~ Connecting with FireWire ~ Using ExpressCards ~ How AirPort Provides Wireless Internet Access ~ Using Bluetooth Wireless Technology ~ Connecting with Ethernet ~ Using External Video Support ~ Connecting Speakers and Other Audio Devices ~ Using Your SuperDrive ~ Understanding Sudden Motion Sensor Technology ~ Using Your Battery ~ Securing Your MacBook Pro
  • Adding Memory to Your MacBook Pro
    Installing Additional Memory ~ Making Sure Your MacBook Pro Recognizes the New Memory
  • Troubleshooting
    Problems That Prevent You From Using Your Computer ~ Other Problems ~ Reinstalling the Software That Came With Your Computer ~ Using Apple Hardware Test ~ Installing Xcode Tools ~ Locating Your Product Serial Number
  • Appendix A: Specifications
  • Appendix B: Safety, Use, and Care Information
    Understanding General Safety Instructions ~ Setting Up Your MacBook Pro and Power Adapter ~ Using Your MacBook Pro ~ Avoiding Hearing Damage ~ Understanding Ergonomics ~ Apple and the Environment
  • Appendix C: Connecting to the Internet
    Gathering the Information You Need ~ Entering Your Information ~ Troubleshooting Your Connection
  • Appendix D: Top Ten Questions
    Communications Regulation Information
  • Index