Download Free Casio CTK-710 User Manual pdf. This user guide contains the information you need when installing and configuring the Casio CTK-710.

Table of contents Casio CTK-710 User Manual
  • Safety Precautions
  • Introduction
  • Care of your keyboard
  • General Guide
    Attachment of the Score Stand
  • Quick Reference
    To play the keyboard
  • Power Supply
    Using batteries ~ Using the AC Adaptor ~ Auto Power Off ~ Settings
  • Connections
    Phones/Output Terminal ~ Connecting to a Computer or Other Equipment ~ Sustain jack Terminal ~ Microphone Jack ~ Accessories and Options
  • Basic Operations
    Playing the Keyboard ~ Selecting a Tone ~ Using the Microphone Jack
  • Auto Accompaniment
    Selecting a Rhythm ~ Playing a Rhythm ~ Adjusting the Tempo ~ Using Auto Accompaniment ~ Using a Fill-in Pattern ~ Synchro Starting Accompaniment with Rhythm Play
  • Playing a Built-in Tune
    To play back a Song Bank tune ~ To play back a Piano Bank tune ~ Adjusting the Tempo ~ To change the melody tone ~ To play all tunes in succession ~ Using the PIANO BANK Button
  • 3-Step Lesson
    Evaluation Mode ~ Using the Lesson Functions and Evaluation Mode ~ Step 1 – Master the timing ~ Step 2 – Master the notes ~ Step 3 – Play at normal speed ~ Voice Fingering Guide

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