Download Free DigiTech RP2000 Guitar Effects Owners Manual pdf. This user guide contains the information you need when installing and configuring the DigiTech RP2000. Although the RP2000 is so user friendly you may not even need to read this manual, we recommend that you become better acquainted with us, and what we have to offer by going through this User’s Guide with your RP2000 in front of you. It is your key to unlocking the potential within the RP2000.

Table of contents DigiTech RP2000 Guitar Effects Owners Manual
  • Safety Information
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Warranty
  • Introduction
    Getting Acquainted ~ Included Items ~ Quick Start ~ A Guided Tour of the RP2000 ~ Getting Started ~ Making Connections ~ Applying Power ~ About the RP2000 ~ The Presets ~ Performance Mode ~ The Footswitches ~ The Expression Pedal ~ Bypass Mode ~ Tuner Mode ~ Edit Mode ~ Rhythm Mode ~ Store Mode ~ Utility Mode ~ Assign Mode ~ Learn-A-Lick Mode ~ Jam-A-Long
  • Editing Functions
    Editing/Creating Presets ~ The Matrix ~ Storing/Copying a Preset
  • Effects and Parameters
    About the Effects ~ Effects Definitions
  • Tutorial
    Guided Example ~ Choose a Program ~ Enter Edit Mode ~ Select Pickup Type ~ Turn the Compressor Off ~ Select Classic Wah ~ Select the Green Channel Amp Model ~ Adjust the Green Channel ~ Select the Red Channel Amp Model ~ Adjust the EQ ~ Adjust the Noise Gate ~ Select Phaser ~ Turn Delay Off ~ Adjust the Reverb ~ Set the Preset Level ~ Store the Preset
  • Other Functions
    Rhythm ~ Assign ~ Utilities
  • Appendix
    Factory Preset List ~ MIDI CC List ~ MIDI Implementation ~ Specifications