Download Free Virtualbox User Manual pdf. InnoTek VirtualBox is a family of virtual machine products targeting desktop computers, enterprise servers and embedded systems. Due to its modular architecture, VirtualBox can be deployed in any environment where x86 systems are to be virtualized on x86 systems. (With "x86", we are referring to 32-bit CPUs from AMD and Intel as well as compatible CPUs from other vendors, plus 64-bit CPUs in 32-bit mode.)

Table of contents Virtualbox User Manual
  • Introduction
    Virtualization basics ~ Features overview ~ Operating system support
  • Installation
    Installing on Windows hosts ~ Installing on Linux hosts
  • Starting out with VirtualBox
    Starting the graphical user interface ~ Creating a virtual machine ~ Basics of virtual machine configuration ~ Running a virtual machine ~ The Virtual Disk Manager ~ Deleting virtual machines
  • The VirtualBox Guest Additions
    Introduction ~ Windows Guest Additions ~ Linux Guest Additions
  • Configuring virtual machines
    Virtual machine settings ~ Storage in virtual machines ~ Networking in virtual machines ~ Folder Sharing
  • Alternative front-ends; remote virtual machines
    Introduction ~ Using VBoxManage to control virtual machines ~ VBoxSDL, the simplified VM displayer ~ Remote Desktop Support (VRDP)
  • VBoxManage reference
    VBoxManage list ~ VBoxManage showvminfo ~ VBoxManage registervm / unregistervm ~ VBoxManage createvm ~ VBoxManage modifyvm ~ VBoxManage startvm ~ VBoxManage controlvm ~ VBoxManage discardstate ~ VBoxManage snapshot ~ VBoxManage registerimage / unregisterimage ~ VBoxManage showvdiinfo ~ VBoxManage createvdi ~ VBoxManage modifyvdi ~ VBoxManage clonevdi ~ VBoxManage addiscsidisk ~ VBoxManage createhostif/removehostif ~ VBoxManage getextradata/setextradata ~ VBoxManage setproperty ~ VBoxManage usbfilter add/modify/remove ~ VBoxManage sharedfolder add/remove ~ VBoxManage updatesettings
  • Advanced Topics
    VirtualBox configuration data ~ Automated Windows Guest Logons (VBoxGINA) ~ Custom external VRDP authentication ~ Secure Labeling with VBoxSDL ~ Custom VESA resolutions ~ Releasing modifiers with VBoxSDL on Linux
  • VirtualBox Application Programming Interfaces
  • Troubleshooting
    General ~ Windows guests ~ Windows hosts ~ Linux hosts
  • ChangeLog
  • 3rd party licenses
    Materials ~ Licenses
  • Glossary