Download Free Porsche 968 Service Manual pdf. This Porsche 968 Repair Manual guide is a maintenance troubleshooting and instruction owner manual reference used for maintaining, disassembly and servicing the Porsche 968. Porsche Service Manual It provides comprehensive information on identifying Porsche 968 features, components, and spare parts troubleshooting problems and performing disassembly procedures.

Table contents of Porsche 968 Workshop Manual
  • General
    technical data
  • Maintenance, Self-diagnosis General
    maintenance ~ operating instructions for system tester 9288
  • Engine, Crankcase, Engine Mounts
    tolerances and wearlimits ~ tightening torques for engine ~ removing and installing engine (manual transmission) ~ removing and installing engine (tiptronic transmission)
  • Engine, Crankshaft, Pistons
    adjusting guide rail for balance shaft toothed belt ~ checking adjustment of balance shafts ~ fitting toothed belt for balance shaft ~ adjusting special tool 9201 ~ checking and adjusting balance shaft toothed belt tension ~ crankcase markings ~ locking the flywheel for assembly work ~ engine support ~ crankcase tools ~ machining cylinder bores in upper crankcase section ~ crankcase installation length or protrusion length of studs ~ dismanting and assembling crankcase, crankshaft ~ aligning the upper and lower parts of the crankcase ~ crankshaft standard and repair dimensions ~ dismanting and assembling pistons, connecting rod ~ checking piston and cylinder bore ~ dismantling and assembling balance shaft drive ~ removing and installing double mass flywheel and grooved ball bearing
  • Engine, Cylinder Head, Valve Drive
    replacing the camshaft toothed belt (with hydraulic belt tensioner) ~ adjusting and checking the camshaft setting ~ applying TDC mark to camshaft sprocket ~ camshaft adjustment gauge (shop made) ~ fitting the camshafts ~ fitting the camshaft seal
  • Removing and Installing DME Injection System Components
  • Removing and Installing Injection Valves
  • Checking Fuel Pressure
  • Ignition System
    replacing spark plugs ~ DME control units as of model year 92 ~ removing and installing knock sensors ~ DME diagnosis / troubleshooting