Download free HP Officejet 6500 User Guide.pdf This HP Officejet 6500 Operating Instructions contains the information you need when installing, maintenance troubleshooting and configuring the HP Officejet 6500.

Table contents of HP Officejet 6500 Manual
  • Get started
    Find other resources for the product ~ Finding the device model number ~ Accessibility ~ Understand the device parts ~ Turn off the device ~ Eco-Tips
  • Use the device
    Use device control panel menus ~ Device control-panel message types ~ Change device settings ~ Use the HP software ~ Load originals ~ Select print media ~ Load media ~ Print on special and custom-sized media ~ Print borderless ~ Install the duplexer
  • Print
    Change print settings ~ Print on both sides (duplexing) ~ Print a Web page ~ Cancel a print job
  • Scan
    Scan an original ~ Use Webscan via embedded Web server ~ Scan from a TWAIN-compliant or a WIA-compliant program ~ Edit a scanned original ~ Change scan settings ~ Cancel a scan job
  • Work with memory devices
    Insert a memory card ~ Print DPOF photos ~ Print Selected Photos ~ View photos ~ Print an index sheet from the device control panel ~ Save photos to your computer ~ Use Photo Fix tools ~ Use Red Eye Removal ~ Use Date Stamp ~ Set New Defaults
  • Fax
    Send a fax ~ Send a basic fax ~ Send a fax manually from a phone ~ Send a fax using monitor dialing ~ Send a fax from memory ~ Schedule a fax to send later ~ Send a fax to multiple recipients ~ Send a color original fax ~ Change the fax resolution and Lighter / Darker settings ~ Send a fax in Error Correction Mode ~ Receive a fax ~ Change fax settings ~ Set up speed-dial entries ~ Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) ~ Test fax setup ~ Use reports ~ Cancel a fax
  • Copy
    Make copies ~ Change the copy settings ~ Set the number of copies ~ Set the copy paper size ~ Set the copy paper type ~ Change copy speed or quality ~ Resize an original to fit onto letter or A4 paper ~ Copy a legal-size document onto letter paper ~ Adjust the lightness and darkness of your copy ~ Enhance light areas of your copy ~ Collate a copy job ~ Apply Margin Shift to a Copy Job ~ Two-sided copy jobs ~ Cancel a copy job
  • Configure and manage
    Manage the device ~ Use device management tools ~ Understand the printer status page ~ Understand the network configuration page ~ Configure network options ~ Set up faxing for the device ~ Configure the device (Windows) ~ Network connection ~ Configure the device (Mac OS X) ~ Install the software for network or direct connection ~ Share the device on a locally shared network ~ Set up the device for wireless communication (some models only) ~ Understand 802.11 wireless network settings ~ To set up wireless communication using the installer (Windows) ~ To set up wireless communication using the installer (Mac OS X) ~ To set up wireless communication using the device control panel with wireless setup
    wizard ~ To turn off wireless communication ~ Connect the device using an ad hoc wireless network connection ~ Guidelines for reducing interference on a wireless network ~ Configure your firewall to work with HP devices ~ Change the connection method ~ Guidelines for ensuring wireless network security ~ To add hardware addresses to a WAP ~ Other guidelines ~ Uninstall and reinstall the software
  • Maintain and troubleshoot
    Work with ink cartridges ~ Information on ink cartridges and the printhead ~ Check the estimated ink levels ~ Replace the ink cartridges ~ Advanced ink cartridge maintenance ~ Clean the sensor ~ Clean the sensor windows on the ink cartridges ~ Advanced printhead maintenance ~ Clean the printhead ~ Align the printer ~ Usage information collection ~ Print and evaluate a print quality report ~ To print a print quality report ~ To evaluate the Print Quality Diagnostic Page ~ Ink Levels ~ Good color bars ~ Ragged, irregularly streaked, or faded bars ~ Regular white streaks in the bars ~ Bar colors are not uniform ~ Large Black Font Text ~ Alignment Patters ~ Clean the device ~ Clean the scanner glass ~ Clean the exterior ~ Clean the automatic document feeder ~ General troubleshooting tips and resources ~ Solve printing problems ~ The device shuts down unexpectedly ~ Error message appears on control-panel display ~ Device takes a long time to print ~ Blank or partial page printed ~ Something on the page is missing or incorrect ~ Placement of the text or graphics is wrong ~ Print troubleshooting ~ Envelopes print incorrectly ~ The product is not responding ~ The product prints meaningless characters ~ Nothing happens when I try to print ~ The margins are not printing as expected ~ Text or graphics are cut off at the edge of the page ~ A blank page came out while printing ~ Print quality troubleshooting ~ Solve paper-feed problems ~ Solve copy problems ~ Solve scan problems ~ Solve fax problems ~ Solve network problems ~ Solve wireless problems (some models only) ~ Solve photo (memory card) problems ~ Solve device management problems ~ Troubleshoot installation issues ~ Clear jams ~ Errors
  • HP supplies and accessories
    Order printing supplies online ~ Accessories ~ Supplies
  • Support and warranty
    Obtain electronic support ~ Warranty ~ Ink cartridge warranty information ~ Obtain HP telephone support ~ Prepare the device for shipment ~ Pack the device
  • Device specifications
    Physical specifications ~ Product features and capacities ~ Processor and memory specifications ~ System requirements ~ Network protocol specifications ~ Embedded Web server specifications ~ Print specifications ~ Copy specifications ~ Fax specifications ~ Scan specifications ~ Environmental specifications ~ Electrical specifications ~ Acoustic emission specifications (print in Draft mode, noise levels per ISO 7779) ~ Memory card specifications
  • Regulatory information
    FCC statement ~ Notice to users in Korea ~ VCCI (Class B) compliance statement for users in Japan ~ Notice to users in Japan about the power cord ~ Toxic and hazardous substance table ~ LED indicator statement ~ Noise emission statement for Germany ~ Notice to users of the U.S. telephone network: FCC requirements ~ Notice to users of the Canadian telephone network ~ Notice to users in the European Economic Area ~ Notice to users of the German telephone network ~ Regulatory information for wireless products (some models only) ~ Australia wired fax statement ~ Regulatory model number ~ Declaration of conformity ~ Environmental product stewardship program ~ Third-party lice
  • Index

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