Download free LG Voyager Instruction User Manual pdf. This LG Voyager user’s guide provides important information on the use and operation of your phone. Please read this guide carefully prior to using the phone to be able to use your phone to its greatest advantage and to prevent any accidental damage or misuse. Any unapproved changes or modifications will void your warranty.

The VOYAGER™ is an all digital phone that operates on both Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) frequencies: cellular services at 800 MHz and Personal Communication Services (PCS) at 1.9 GHz. CDMA technology uses a feature called DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) that enables the phone to keep communication from being crossed and to use one
frequency channel by multiple users in the same specific area. This results in a 10-fold capacity increase when compared with analog mode. In addition, features such as soft/ softer handoff, hard handoff, and dynamic RF power control technologies combine to reduce call interruptions.

Table of contents LG Voyager Manual
  • Important Safety Precautions
  • Welcome
  • Technical Details
  • Phone Overview
  • Quick Glance of Touchpad and How to Use It
  • Calibrating the Touch Screen
  • Shortcut Menu
  • Entering and Editing InformationMenu Tree on the Internal
  • Menu Tree on the External Touch Screen
  • Shortcut Menu on the External Touchpad
  • Getting Started with Your Phone
  • Quick Access to Convenient Features
  • Contacts in Your Phone’s Memory
  • Get It Now
  • Messaging
  • Contacts
  • Recent Calls
  • Settings & Tools
  • Safety
  • TIA Safety Information
  • Safety Information
  • Caution: Avoid potential hearing loss
  • FDA Consumer Update
  • 10 Driver Safety Tips
  • Consumer Information on SAR
  • FCC Hearing-Aid Compatibility (HAC) Regulations for Wireless
  • Devices
  • Accessories
  • Limited Warranty Statement
  • Glossary
  • Terminology
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Index