The Canon Printer and Fax Driver SDKs can be used to create custom user interfaces (UIs) that streamline workflow involving printing and faxing, and target the particular needs of users.

Printer and Fax settings are normally changed using the Printer and Fax Driver UIs. The Driver UIs are invoked when the user selects the “Print” command while viewing a document. For example, in MS WORD, the user selects “Print” under the “File” menu in the toolbar. The user can then select to print double-sided with stapling, for example, or to fax to a particular recipient using a particular cover sheet.

The Canon Printer and Fax Driver SDKs allow the same settings to be made programmatically from within an application written in VB or VC++ without invoking the Driver UI.

Note that the Printer and Fax Drivers cannot be altered in any way. The SDKs can be used only to make Print and Fax settings from within an application.

The SDKs are intended for use in Windows applications only. Printing and faxing usually require the use of Win 32 API. Additionally, printing different document types (MS WORD, MS Excel, Adobe PDF, etc.) requires the use of document-specific print commands.

The following are two examples of UIs created as part of separate custom Windows applications. The way the UIs are invoked depends on the way the custom applications are designed. The UIs in this case were created using VB. The code behind the UIs uses the Canon Printer and Fax Driver SDKs to select printer and fax settings.