Download Free Samsung S5230 User Guide.pdf This Samsung S5230 Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting the Samsung S5230.

Table of contents Samsung S5230 Manual
  • safety and usage information
    Safety warnings ~ Safety precautions ~ Important usage information
  • introducing your mobile phone
    Unpack ~ Phone layout ~ Keys ~ Display ~ Icons
  • assembling and preparing your mobile phone
    Install the SIM card and battery ~ Charge the battery ~ Insert a memory card (optional)
  • using basic functions
    Turn your phone on and off ~ Use the touch screen ~ Access menus ~ Use widgets ~ Access help information ~ Customise your phone ~ Use basic call functions ~ Send and view messages ~ Add and find contacts ~ Use basic camera functions ~ Listen to music ~ Browse the web
  • using advanced functions
    Use advanced call functions ~ Use advanced phonebook functions ~ Use advanced messaging functions ~ Use advanced camera functions ~ Use advanced music functions
  • using tools and applications
    Use the Bluetooth wireless feature ~ Activate and send an SOS message ~ Activate the mobile tracker ~ Make fake calls ~ Record and play voice memos ~ Edit images ~ Print images ~ Upload photos and videos to the web ~ Use Java-powered games and applications ~ Synchronise data ~ Use RSS reader ~ Create and view world clocks ~ Set and use alarms ~ Use the calculator ~ Convert currencies or measurements ~ Set a countdown timer ~ Use the stopwatch ~ Create a new task ~ Create a text memo ~ Manage your calendar
  • troubleshooting
  • index

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