Download Free Getting Started with iPod touch.pdf This Getting Started guide is designed to help you create an environment where learning really is anywhere, anytime. You’ll learn the basics of iPod touch and iTunes so that you’ll be familiar with the operation and interface. Whether for one user or an entire class, you’ll also discover how to effectively set up, maintain, and manage iPod touch in the classroom. You’ll even explore several curriculum ideas for using iPod touch as a part of digital projects in your classroom. Because Apple products have a similar, easy interface, it won’t take you long to begin using these innovative tools with your students.

Table content of Getting Started with iPod touch
  • Overview
    About iPod touch and iTunes ~ Why iPod touch and iTunes for Education?
  • Finding and Using Education Content
    Finding Content on iTunes U ~ Adding Applications from the Apple App Store ~ Locating Audiobooks for Use in the Classroom ~ Subscribing to Podcasts ~ Locating Movies, Music, Speeches, and Other Media
  • Creating Your Own Content
    Producing Digital Content with iLife ~ Producing Podcasts with GarageBand ~ Creating Video Podcast Content with iMovie ~ Using iPod touch for Voice Recording ~ Sharing Presentations with iPod touch
  • Browsing the Internet with Safari
    Accessing Information with Web Apps ~ Creating Webpages for Viewing on iPod touch
  • Using the Applications Included with iPod touch
    Music ~ Video ~ Photos ~ Notes ~ Calculator ~ Mail ~ Calendars ~ Clock ~ Contacts ~ Settings
  • Adding Content to iPod touch Using iTunes
  • Managing iPod touch and iTunes for Student Use
    Getting Students Up to Speed ~ Management of iPod touch in the Classroom ~ Setting Up Student Groups and Accounts ~ Using iPhone Configuration Utility to Set Up iPod touch ~ Keeping Track of Student iPod touch Devices ~ Sharing iPod touch Devices ~ Mobile Learning with the Apple iPod Learning Lab ~ Restricting Access with Parental Controls
  • iPod touch for Professional Development
  • Enhancing Classroom Learning with iPod touch and iTunes
    Supporting Language Acquisition ~ Building Reading Fluency ~ Staying Organized ~ Motivating Readers with Audiobooks ~ Reaching All Learners ~ Where in the World ~ Mobile Math ~ Astronomy to Zoology ~ Using iPod touch for Assessment
  • Resources
    Apple Websites ~ Accessories for iPod touch ~ Nike + iPod Sport Kit
  • Appendix: iPod touch
    iPod touch at a Glance