Download Free Audi A6/A6 Avant Quick reference guide.pdf The aim of this quick reference guide is to introduce you to the main features and controls of your vehicle. This quick reference guide cannot replace the information contained in the Owner's Manual; it is therefore important that you also read the notes and warnings in the Owner's Manual. We wish you safe and enjoyable motoring with your Audi.

every journey, even on short trips in town. This applies to the front and rear seats. To ensure that the seat belts, belt tensioners and airbags are fully effective, note the following points: Adjust seat and sit in correct position The front seats should not be positioned too close to the steering wheel or dashboard. Maintain a distance of at least 25 cm from the steering wheel. It is important to sit in a normal, upright position and set the backrest so it is fully against your back. The top of the head restraint should be at eye level (or higher). Put your feet in a comfortable position in the footwell. Wear the seat belt correctly Make sure that the shoulder
section of the belt is positioned over the centre of the shoulder, and move the lap section as far down over the hips as possible. The belts should always be worn so that they fit tightly (see illustration). Children under 12 should travel on the rear seat. They must be protected by a child restraint system which complies with the European standard ECE R 44 and is suitable for the child’s weight and height. The safest place for the child restraint system is behind the front passenger’s seat. Make sure that the system is properly secured. The retractor mechanism of the seat belts can be locked to secure a child safety seat.