Download Free Canon Digital IXUS 750 User Guide.pdf This Canon Digital IXUS 750 Owners Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting the Canon Digital IXUS 750. The Canon IXUS 750 is a very impressive digital camera. The images are really pin sharp and the build quality of the camera is equally impressive. At current pricings levels this camera certainly comes at a hefty premium. This is a very high quality digital camera nonetheless.

Table of contents Canon Digital IXUS 750 Manual
  • Conventions Used in this Guide
  • Handling Precautions
    Please Read ~ Safety Precautions ~ Preventing Malfunctions
  • Before Using the Camera—The Components Guide
  • Before Using the Camera—Basic Operations
    Using the LCD Monitor ~ LCD Monitor Brightness ~ Information Displayed on the LCD Monitor ~ Using the Viewfinder ~ Indicators ~ Power Saving Function ~ Formatting Memory Cards ~ Setting the World Clock ~ Menus and Settings ~ Resetting Settings to Their Default Values
  • Shooting
    Changing the Resolution and Compression (Still Images) ~ Changing Resolutions and Frame Rates (Movies) ~ Shooting in a Special Scene Mode ~ Shooting in Manual Mode ~ Magnified Close-Up Shooting (Digital Macro) ~ Using the Digital Zoom ~ Continuous Shooting ~ Postcard Date Imprint Mode ~ Using the Self-Timer ~ Movie Shooting ~ Shooting Panoramic Images (Stitch Assist) ~ Switching between Focusing Modes ~ Shooting Hard-to-Focus Subjects (Focus Lock, AF Lock) ~ Locking the Exposure Setting (AE Lock) ~ Locking the Flash Exposure Setting (FE Lock) ~ Switching between Metering Modes ~ Adjusting the Exposure Compensation ~ Shooting in Long Shutter Mode ~ Adjusting the Tone (White Balance) ~ Changing the Photo Effect ~ Shooting in a My Colors Mode ~ Adjusting the ISO Speed ~ Setting the Auto Rotate Function ~ Creating an Image Destination (Folder) ~ Resetting the File Number
  • Playback/Erasing
    Magnifying Images ~ Viewing Images in Sets of Nine (Index Playback) ~ Jumping to Images ~ Viewing Movies ~ Editing Movies ~ Rotating Images in the Display ~ Playback with Transition Effects ~ Attaching Sound Memos to Images ~ Automated Playback (Slide Shows) ~ Protecting Images ~ Erasing All Images
  • Print Settings/Transfer Settings
    Setting the DPOF Print Settings ~ Setting the DPOF Transfer Settings
  • Viewing Images on a TV set
  • Customizing the Camera (My Camera Settings)
    Changing My Camera Settings ~ Registering My Camera Settings
  • Troubleshooting
    Camera ~ When the power is turned on ~ LCD monitor ~ Shooting ~ Shooting Movies ~ Playback ~ Battery/Battery Charger ~ TV monitor output
  • List of Messages
  • Appendix
    Battery Handling ~ Handling the Memory Card ~ Using an AC Adapter Kit (Sold Separately) ~ Using an Externally Mounted Flash (Sold Separately) ~ Camera Care and Maintenance ~ Specifications
  • Functions Available in Each Shooting Mode