Download Free Guide to Backup Xbox 360 Games.pdf Before you read this tutorial, you agree that you are completely aware of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 warranty policy, by opening your Xbox 360 you void the warranty. We are in no way responsible, if you make, break, bust or screw up your Xbox 360 while modifying your console to make backup Xbox 360 games. This tutorial/guide is an updated, upgraded version of other backup guides found online, simply put, its kick ass and way better… Are you ready? Because Xbox 360 games are so vulnerable to being scratched, smashed and busted and because why would anybody in their right mind not want to make duplicate copies of all their Xbox 360 games, especially when they cost $80 apiece, right? Now you know the main reason for creating this tutorial, please pay close attention and be very careful, if you choose to dismantle your Xbox console and dvd-drive, we provide no support or any kind or help. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you’d like to learn more about your Xbox 360 in what is capable of, how to mod it, how to repair the multiple errors that come with it, one red light error. three red light error in any other error code you can think of, visit this blog for more information


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