Download Free XBOX 360 Wireless Chip Titting Instructions.pdf Remove the 7 screws on the bottom of the controller shown in pic, (you will need a T8 or T9 screwdriver) or anything that fits. Then take the top off. Tip: when taking the top cover off, hold the controller upside down, it saves the buttons falling all over the place. Make a hole in the base of the controller for the switch to fit into, this can be done with a screwdriver or small drill, whatever you prefer. You just want it big enough for the black button part of the switch to easily fit through. Lift off the circuit board and then glue the chip in the hole you just made as shown in pic. Put the circuit board back and glue the chip near the switch. Tip: make sure the chip is a far back as possible and the contacts don’t touch any other contacts. It has to be like in the pic so motor can fit back in place. You should now have your red, blue and white wires. Solder (or glue gun) them in these positions. Make sure they are in the same positions as in the pic, also the way the wires lay on the circuit board as this helps to not squash them when fitting the cover back on. (top of right thumb controller has been taken of so you can see better). Double check you have followed all the instructions, then put your controller back together the reverse way that you took it apart. Your controller should click back together with very little effort, if it does not fit back together it means you probably have an obstruction like a wire covering a screw hole or the chip is not back far enough. Reinstall the screws, then your battery pack and your ready to go. Test on a game like COD4 and select a single fire gun like the pistol, try your normal right trigger first, then try the new button and be amazed. If for some unknown reason it does not rapid fire, then open it up and check everything again!