Download Free iTunes U User’s Guide.pdf Apple shares common goals with education—to advance teaching, learning, and research through innovation, and to engage and empower students. Students, as well as instructors and staff, expect a campus environment that accommodates their digital lifestyle, adapts to their individual learning and teaching needs, and encourages collaboration and teamwork. iTunes U provides a way to meet all these expectations.

iTunes U offers an experience similar to using the iTunes Store. In fact, because iTunes U pages are displayed within the iTunes application itself, just like iTunes Store pages, navigating within iTunes U is much like navigating within the iTunes Store. For information on how to use iTunes or the iTunes Store, in iTunes, choose Help > iTunes Help. With iTunes U, users can access educational content, including lectures and interviews, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users can browse content and download it to their Mac computers or PCs, regardless of their location. They can then listen to and view that content on their computers or transfer the content to an iPod for listening or viewing on the go. Instructors and staff can easily post and change content on their own without impacting the IT department. Instructors can also set a page to allow students to upload their own content for review or to share with other students in the class.

iTunes U requires iTunes version 6.0 or later for Mac and Windows. Apple recommends using iTunes version 7 and, in order to guarantee a consistent user experience, always using the latest version of iTunes.


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