Download Free Asterisk Installation and Configuration Manual.pdf Icecom SwitchBoard software is based on technology developed by Icecom Ltd. Icecom reserves the right to make changes in the content of the software. The company is not obliged to give notification of any possible changes. Icecom accepts no liability for any possible errors in the software. Icecom is not responsible for the operability of the software with all kinds of hardware; nor does it guarantee protection against possible computer viruses or any attempts against security. This manual was made for the Asterisk configuration for Icecom SwitchBoard version 2.0. Icecom Ltd. reserves the right to change the content of the publication without special notice.

This configuration manual was made for Icecom SwitchBoard version 2.0, for configuring Asterisk. The starting point for the manual is that the Icecom SwitchBoard software and Asterisk be already installed on the computer. The installation instructions for the Icecom SwitchBoard software can be found in a separate manual. This document explains what the Asterisk server configuration files must include in order for the Asterisk message to be transmitted to the Icecom SwitchBoard. All the files to be configured can be found in the file /etc/asterisk. In the manual, text marked with the Verdana font signifies lines to be entered in the configuration files. Computer-specific variables for the configuration have been marked inside tags <> and comment lines have been marked to start with a semicolon ;. In addition, the names of files and directories have been written in italics.