Download Free Ford 7.3L Diesel Fuel Drain O-ring Replacement Instructions.pdf Locate the drain tube that comes from the fuel bowl. It is under the passenger side valve cover, directly below the A/C compressor. Slide a 30” piece of hose over the tube and route it to the shop floor. You should place a catch can under the hose so when the fuel bowl is drained, the fuel will be contained in the catch can. Remove the engine cover to gain better access to the fuel bowl. The black nut caps that hold the cover require a 13mm deep socket. If your caps are missing, the nuts are 12mm.

Move the drain valve lever from the closed position to the open position as shown here and allow the fuel bowl to drain. Shut the fuel valve off once the bowl has drained. Pull the drain tube connector off of the valve. The nipple that the hose connects to is plastic so be careful not to force it up or down, just pull straight towards the rear of the block. There are four screws holding the valve assembly to the bowl. (pre-99 OBS 7.3L have only 2 screws). The screws require a #20 torx bit. Using a ¼” ratchet and socket to hold the torx bit, remove all four screws. It will be helpful to keep a magnetic pick up tool or grab tool handy in case you drop your wrench in the engine block valley.

Once you have removed the drain valve, use a pick tool to remove the old o-rings. There is a reinforcement piece of nylon in the top of the valve stem that needs to be removed. Once this is removed, you will be able to grasp the stem with a pair of needle nose pliers. With a #8x32 machine screw, thread into the reinforcement tube only a couple of threads. Pull the wedged tube from the valve body. With the tube out, there will be enough room to grasp the top of the stem with a pair of needle nose pliers with one jaw in the center of the stem, the other on the outside of the white stem. Warning: Many of the valves will have a plastic ball under the
wedge. Be careful not to loose it.