Download Free iPhone 3G Carrier Troubleshooting Guide.pdf To avoid the possibility of syncing the customers iPhone when connecting to the test computer, verify that the “Disable automatic syncing for all iPhones” under the iPhones tab in iTunes Preferences is selected. A visual inspection is performed before troubleshooting to protect test cables and identify conditions and potential causes that may affect warranty coverage. iPhone 3G has two liquid submersion indicators: one in the headset jack and one in the dock connector. If needed, first clean the headset jack and dock connector (see procedures), then use a lighted Otoscope or magnifier to inspect both indicators. Headset jack: The bottom of the headset jack is normally a white or a silver metallic color. If the iPhone has been submerged in liquid, a red or pinkish color appears across half of the indicator.

To check, hold the iPhone so that you can point the lighted otoscope or magnifier at an angle to view the center of the bottom inside face of the dock connector port opening (not the connector pin rail). The indicator is white, and oval shaped. If the indicator has been exposed to liquid, the indicator will turn red, as shown at right. In the event an iPhone is submerged or encounters an excessive amount of liquid, damage may occur to the display module. In some cases liquid damage can be observed under the display module when the unit is able to power on. Liquid damage to the display module is NOT covered under warranty.