Download Free Honda Tech Manual.pdf Claims will be from within the same division of class only, I.E., Jr. Sr. Lt. Hvy. 120 160 – Only competitors in the same division may make a claim on an engine. No claiming in Novice class. One claim, per race event, per handler, per class. Engines may be claimed for $600.00 cash only. No claim related inspection will be started prior to the funds being posted with the proper official. This claim form must be submitted to the Race Director, or his or her designee, before the end of the race that the claimed engine is participating in. I.E. Checkered flag lap complete.

The Race Director, or his or her designee, will hold the claim money until the claimed engine has been inspection for legality. The claimed engine will be tagged/marked and sealed as soon as it comes across the scale. The claimed engine will be immediately taken to impound and/or presented to the tech director for inspection. Engine must remain in impound and in the possession of tech officials throughout the entire process including shipping to National Tech Director and the transferring of funds. Inspection of claimed engine MAY NOT be waived by any party. Both claimer and claimee have the option to be present at the time of inspection Any claim that is withdrawn will be assessed a $50.00 fee that will be paid to the host Clu Multiple claims on an engine will be decided via a lottery system. Owner, Handler or family member cannot claim his or her own engine. Claimed party will retain air filter, exhaust system and throttle linkage. If the claimed engine is found to be illegal, the motor must be completely torn down to check for additional illegalities. The Tech Director must confiscate ALL illegal parts and related parts from the claimed engine and shall immediately forward them to the National Tech Director using confiscation form. Claiming party has the option to accept the engine, as is, less confiscated parts or void the claim if engine is found illegal and claim money will be returned to the person filing the claim.


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