Download Free HTC HD2 User Manual.pdf This HTC HD2 Owners Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting the HTC HD2 User Guide. HTC HD2 delivers an experience your senses have been waiting for. The unprecedented 4.3-inch pixel-packed display is stunning. The world’s first capacitive touch technology on a Windows® phone along with 1 GHz processing power ensure a smooth and lightning-fast response to the lightest touch of your finger.

Table of contents HTC HD2 Manual
  • Getting Started
    Inside the Box ~ Getting to Know Your Phone ~ Before Charging the Battery and Turning On Your Phone ~ Removing the back cover ~ Removing the thin film and battery ~ Inserting the SIM card ~ Inserting the battery ~ Inserting the microSD card ~ Replacing the back cover ~ Charging the Battery ~ Starting Up ~ Turning the power on ~ Setting up your phone for the first time ~ Switching to Sleep mode ~ Turning the power off ~ Home Screen ~ Status Icons ~ Notifications ~ Start Screen ~ Moving an icon to the top of the Start screen ~ Lock Screen ~ Locking your phone ~ Unlocking your phone ~ Checking notifications when the phone is locked ~ Receiving a call when the phone is locked ~ Adjusting the Volume ~ Setting a single volume ~ Adjusting the system and ring volumes separately ~ Adjusting the phone call volume ~ Using Finger Gestures ~ Finger scrolling ~ Finger panning ~ Pinch zooming ~ Connecting Your Phone to a Computer
  • Phone Calls
    Making Calls ~ Answering and Ending Calls ~ Using Call History ~ Speed Dial ~ Making Conference Calls ~ Turning the Phone Connection On and Off
  • Using the Home Screen
    About the Home Screen ~ Switching Between the Tabs of the Home Screen ~ Personalizing Home Screen Tabs ~ Home ~ People ~ Messages ~ Mail ~ Adding your Internet email account ~ Adding your Outlook work account ~ Checking and reading email ~ Internet ~ Calendar ~ Stocks ~ Photos & Videos ~ Music ~ Playing music in portrait view ~ Playing music in landscape view ~ Setting repeat and shuffle modes ~ Finding albums and music tracks in the Library ~ Playlists ~ ~ Weather ~ Adding a city ~ Weather settings ~ Twitter ~ Footprints ~ Settings
  • Staying Close
    It’s All About People ~ Adding and Sharing Your Personal Details ~ Adding Contacts to Your Phone ~ Working With Favorite Contacts ~ Viewing and Managing Your Contacts ~ Viewing Contact Information and Exchange of Communications With the Contact ~ Contact Groups ~ Facebook Updates and Events
  • Entering Text
    Using the Onscreen Keyboard ~ Using Predictive Mode ~ Entering Numbers and Symbols ~ Text Input Settings
  • Synchronizing Information
    Ways of Synchronizing Your Phone ~ Before Synchronizing With Your Computer. ~ Setting Up Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows Vista ~ Setting Up ActiveSync on Windows XP ~ Synchronizing With Your Computer ~ Synchronizing via Bluetooth ~ Synchronizing Music and Video ~ Synchronizing With Microsoft My Phone
  • Exchanging Messages
    Sending Text Messages ~ Sending Multimedia Messages ~ How to Know When You Have New Text and Multimedia Messages ~ Message Conversations ~ Text and Multimedia Message Settings ~ Directly Making Calls from Text Messages ~ Email
  • Working With Company Email and Meeting Requests
    Synchronizing With the Exchange Server ~ Working With Company Email Messages ~ Starting a Conference Call from an Email ~ Meeting Requests ~ Making a Call from a Meeting Request or Reminder ~ Finding Contacts in the Company Directory
  • Internet and Social Networking
    Ways of Connecting to the Internet ~ Using Opera Mobile ~ Using Internet Explorer Mobile ~ UsingYouTube ~ Using Streaming Media ~ Using Windows Live ~ Twittering on Your Phone ~ Sharing Photos and Videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube ~ Using Facebook on Your Phone ~ Using Your Phone as a Modem (Internet Sharing) ~ Using Your Phone as a Wireless Router
  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth Modes ~ Bluetooth Partnerships ~ Connecting a Bluetooth Hands-free or Stereo Headset ~ Sending and Receiving Information Using Bluetooth ~ Printing via Bluetooth ~ Connecting to Car Kit Phones
  • Finding and Recording Places
    Guidelines and Preparation for Using GPS ~ Downloading Location Data via QuickGPS ~ HTC Footprints ~ Google Maps (Available by Country) ~ Using Your Phone as a Compass ~ Using Your Phone with the Car Kit
  • Camera and Multimedia
    Taking Photos and Videos ~ Viewing Photos and Videos Using Albums ~ Using Windows Media Player Mobile ~ Using Audio Booster ~ Using FM Radio ~ Using MP3 Trimmer
  • Other Programs
    Calculator ~ Microsoft Office Mobile ~ RSS Hub ~ SIM Manager ~ WorldCard Mobile ~ JBlend ~ JETCET PRINT ~ Windows Marketplace ~ Installing and Uninstalling Programs
  • Managing Your Phone
    Copying and Managing Files ~ Settings on Your Phone ~ Using Connection Setup ~ Using Task Manager ~ Protecting Your Phone ~ Resetting Your Phone

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