Download Free Palm Pre user manual.pdf This Palm Pre Owners Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting the Palm Pre. Your Palm® Pre™ phone puts Palm’s new multitasking, gesture-based operating system, the Palm® webOS™ platform, inside a small, beautiful device with a keyboard that you can slide out whenever you need it. Here are a few highlights of your new phone.

We know you’re eager to start using your Palm® Pre™ phone right away, and the sections of this guide are designed to help you do just that.
  • Section 1: Your Setup guides you through the process of setting up your new phone and your Sprint service.
  • Section 2: Your Palm® PreTM Phone shows you the basics of your phone and service with quick, easy-to-follow instructions. This section also describes the call features on your phone and shows you how to use Sprint service features such as voicemail and call waiting. This section also shows you how to use the camera and how to transfer and listen to music files on your phone. Finally, it guides you through the process of using the full-featured organizer that gives you instant access to your contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, and more.
  • Section 3: Web and Data Services and Other Wireless Connections shows you how to use Web browsing, messaging, and email. It also describes other types of wireless connections, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • Section 4: Your Resources answers frequently asked questions and shows you what to do if something goes wrong.
  • Section 5: Your Safety and Specifications outlines recommended safety and maintenance guidelines and lists the technical specifications for your Pre phone.

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