Download Free Proton Gen 2 manual.pdf Proton’s toehold in the market may be slender, but its Gen 2 range might just be the lever to boost the Malaysian marque’s image. The new car’s attractive styling dispenses with the ‘hand me down’ look of previous models, and is certainly an attention getter. Proton’s ownership of Lotus wasn’t wasted either. The iconic sports car maker provided some engineering input, lending an added dash of ‘street cred’.

There’s generous room for the driver and front seat passenger, but anyone in the rear needs to contend with limited headroom thanks to the sloping, low roofline. Trying to find a secure home for knick knacks poses a problem as the Gen 2 doesn’t have a glovebox. Narrow trays on the dash and door pockets will have to do. Fortunately the luggage area is usefully large, and the 60:40 rear seat folds completely flat to accommodate any overflow.

Getting comfortable in the small front buckets can be an issue. Rather than sinking into the cushion, the firm padding tends to push you out of the seat. Lateral support was also minimal and on longer trips you feel like you’re teetering on the seat, not supported by it. The rear seat is well shaped but the short cushion limits comfort, fortunately there is plenty of footspace available.

Initially the dash layout looks very European, with the instruments housed in two deep binnacles, but that’s where any similarity ends. First there are the poorly located ventilation controls sitting vertically under the central dash. Next is the audio system. Operated by a series of small buttons surrounding a circular display it may have looked striking on paper, but is confusing in practice. Fortunately the wheel mounted switches are more user friendly. A tall glasshouse and low set dashboard add to the car’s roomy feel and while forward vision is excellent, the high tail can make reversing a guessing game.


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