Download Free Toyota Landcruiser Turbo Inline 6.pdf The AVO Turboworld Landcruiser Turbosystem is the product of many thousands of Kilometres testing and hundreds of hours spent designing and developing the kit. No corners have been cut to ensure that the kit contains the highest possible quality parts and accessories. The heart of AVO’s Turbosystem is the special turbocharger that is fitted as standard equipment. This turbocharger incorporates the very latest in Garrett ball bearing shaft turbine and turbine housing technology. The Turbine housing is specially designed to flow huge amounts of exhaust gas efficiently without excessive backpressure, ensuring greater engine life, as well as other related components, such as exhaust manifolds and exhaust systems.

Coupled with this high-tech turbo, is AVO’s exclusively designed and manufactured exhaust manifold. This manifold represents the leading edge in design, featuring high-grade Ni-Resist castings and a special internal structure for superior heat and fatigue resistance to cracking. Specially designed for harsh conditions is a new generation FULL-SIZE front mount intercooler. This part is fabricated from a high quality Bar and Plate intercooler core, and has been made with maximum performance and cooling potential in mind, and has not been built to a price.

Extra horses under the hood requires some additional feeding, AVO Turboworld’s turbosystem features a high volume fuel pump, dual additional fuel injectors, and rising rate fuel pressure regulator. Specially matched NGK spark plugs are fitted as standard and are a colder heat range for correct operation in turbocharged form. Completing the Turbo kit Package is an AVO Turboworld Turbo fuel and ignition controller, a sophisticated engine management system that is intelligent enough to allow the engine to run normally when the turbocharger is not working, but then begins to progressively increase fuelling and modify ignition timing as required once the turbocharger begins to make boost.