Download Free VW Golf GL 2-door Manual.pdf Welcome to our Decision Guide Complete Report. It puts all the information you need on this vehicle at your fingertips. We give you objective test figures, and more. Our collective expertise, combined with the most comprehensive testing program around, lets us truly put vehicles in the proper context for you. The in-depth reviews, road tests, and comparison tests included here don't just tell you what a vehicle can do. Our real-world observations and judgments, based on our many years of experience with all types of vehicles, help you to understand the qualitative nature of performance.

Content Section VW Golf GL 2-door Manual
  • Detailed vehicle specifications
  • Capsule Review
  • Road tests, reviews & related feature articles
  • J.D. Power and Associates Power Circle Quality Ratings
  • NHTSA crash-test ratings
  • Kelley Blue Book detailed vehicle pricing & standard equipment

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