Download Free Peugeot 206 GTi 180.pdf In a marketplace were every manufacturer it seems has a sporty or hot hatch in its model line up, Peugeot has added a hot hatch to its 206 range. The Peugeot 206 was introduced into the Australian market way back in 1999, its range included the 206XR, a three door 1.6 litre hatch, the 206 XT, a four door 1.6 litre hatch and the 206 GTi three door hatch fitted with a 100kW 2.0 litre engine. In March 2002 Peugeot released the 206CC, a two door convertible fitted with the 1.6 litre engine.

The latest addition is the 206 GTi 180, a three door hatch fitted with the two litre engine that has been massaged to produce 130kW or in old terms 180 horsepower, hence the GTi 180 name plate. Pricing for the 206 GTi 180 starts at $34,990, it’s only available in manual form, costing an additional $5,000 over the 100kW version 206GTi. Subtle external differences to the GTi 180 include five spoke 17 inch alloy wheels, a high mounted rear spoiler, and a larger diameter twin bore exhaust. The front air dam has a honey comb mesh insert. And the GTi 180 badging. From a distance the 180 doesn’t look much different to the 100kW GTi version. For some that is part of the attraction, driving a high performance model that is similar to the more common versions and yet has the level of performance that can leave the standard model a speck in the distance, for some is what driving is all about.

Internally, the front and rear seats have additional support built in, drilled alloy pedals are fitted, and the instrument cluster colours have been changed. The two litre engine has been tweaked to extract 130kW delivered at 7,000 rpm, almost 30% more than the GTi 2 litre. Engine torque is 202Nm at 4,750 rpm. A new cylinder head, an altered induction system and variable valve timing are the main changes made to boost the power output. The five speed manual transmission has been retained, the ratios have been changed to better utilise the engines power and torque characteristics.


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