Download Free Peugeot BSi reboot procedure. Disconnect the diagnostic tool. Put the driver’s window down, lift the bonnet and ensure all equipment is switched off. Ensure all doors are closed and remove key from the ignition. Wait for 3 minutes, disconnect the vehicle battery and wait 15 seconds. Reconnect the vehicle battery, wait a further 10 seconds (do not open doors.) Switch on the side lights through the driver's window. Switch on the ignition and check system’s functionality. Hold lock button on key down for 10 seconds. Remove key open & close door test central locking system Start the engine and complete the system’s check. Failure to follow this procedure could result in incorrect operation of many BSI related items. it sometimes takes a few attempts following this procedure before it works.

Whenever a vehicle battery has to be disconnected, switch off all equipment, interior lights etc, close the doors leaving the drivers window open. Switch off the ignition and remove the key and any diagnostic equipment. Wait a full 3 minutes before disconnecting the battery. The BSi must be allowed to go to SLEEP i.e. into "active economy mode". Do not operate any equipment on the vehicle during this time. Remember, even opening the bonnet will wake the BSi on a vehicle fitted with alarm. If the battery is under the bonnet, open the bonnet first and leave it up. ALWAYS disconnect any DIAG equipment and do not operate any other vehicles during the 3 minute waiting period.