Download Free Nissan Sentra SE_R Specv.pdf For 2004, the Sentra received some exterior touch-ups and changes to the interior, mostly to the instrument panel. We tested the sportiest of the four sedan versions available, the SE-R Spec V. Its 175 hp engine and six-speed manual gearbox are its distinctive features.

Though front accessibility is good, it is hard to enter and exit the back seats because of the narrow rear doors. The front seats are very comfortable and provide good side support. Adjustable lumbar support is not available. The seat cushion angle on the driver’s side is adjustable but the knobs are hard to use when the door is shut. The lever to slide the seats forward or back should be located on the door side (not the transmission side) to make it easier to adjust the seats before getting in. People of average or less-than-average height may feel a bit claustrophobic because of the high belt line and low seating. The seat belt is an irritant for tall people because the top anchor point cannot be adjusted high enough. Shorter people find themselves seated too close to the wheel.

The rear bench has room for two adults but headroom and legroom are too tight for comfort for tall individuals. The right side of the seat cushion folds down but not the left, because part of the audio system is lodged behind it in the trunk. The trunk is relatively spacious, but the small opening limits the size of things you can put inside. It is easy to hit one’s head on the trunk-lid latch.


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