Download Free HP LaserJet 3052 User Manual.pdf This HP LaserJet 3052 User Guide Owners Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the HP LaserJet 3052.

Table of contents HP LaserJet 3052 Manual
  • Software
    Software installation ~ Printer drivers ~ Software for Windows ~ Software for Macintosh
  • Media specifications
    General guidelines ~ Choosing paper and other media ~ Guidelines for using media ~ Supported media weights and sizes ~ Printing and storage environment
  • Using the all-in-one
    Loading media into the input trays ~ Controlling print jobs ~ Using the all-in-one control panel ~ Using the all-in-one volume controls
  • Printing
    Using features in the Windows printer driver ~ Using features in the Macintosh printer driver ~ Selecting an output location (HP LaserJet 3390/3392 all-in-one) ~ Printing on special media ~ Canceling a print job
  • Fax
    Basic fax features and tasks ~ Advanced fax features and tasks ~ Fax logs and reports ~ Sending and receiving faxes by using a computer ~ Other ways to set up your fax ~ Connecting additional devices
  • Copy
    Starting a copy job ~ Canceling a copy job ~ Adjusting the copy quality ~ Adjusting the lighter/darker (contrast) setting ~ Reducing or enlarging copies ~ Changing the number of copies ~ Changing the copy-collation setting ~ Copying onto media of different types and sizes ~ Copying two-sided documents ~ Using automatic two-sided printing (duplexing) to copy documents ~ Changing tray selection ~ Copying photos and books ~ Viewing copy settings
  • Scan
    Understanding scanning methods ~ Scanning from the all-in-one control panel ~ Scanning by using HP LaserJet Scan (Windows) ~ Scanning from the all-in-one and HP Director (Macintosh) ~ Canceling a scan job ~ Scanning by using other software ~ Scanning a photo or a book ~ Scanning by using optical character recognition (OCR) software ~ Scanner resolution and color ~ To clean the scanner glass
  • Networking
    Set up the all-in-one and use it on the network ~ Using the embedded Web server or HP ToolboxFX ~ Setting a network password ~ Using the all-in-one control panel ~ Supported network protocols ~ TCP/IP configuration ~ Using DHCP ~ Using BOOTP ~ Configuring for LPD printing ~ TCP/IP
  • Convenience stapler
    Understanding the convenience stapler ~ Loading staples ~ Using the convenience stapler ~ Clearing stapler jams

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