Epson Stylus Photo R3000 Manual

Epson Stylus Photo R3000 ManualThe Epson Stylus Photo R3000 helps professionals and ambitious hobby photographers to produce excellent A3 + prints. In the development of the R3000, the feedback from photographers and graphic artists entered, which is why the new features are characterized by their user friendliness. The front feeder for art paper facilitates paper loading and helps prevent damage. In addition, there is no additional space required behind the printer. On the 2.5 inch (6.3 cm) color display, it is easy to display media instructions and check ink levels. The large-volume, 25.9 ml ink cartridges allow for medium-sized print jobs while optimizing cost per page, which is great for photo clubs sharing a printer, or for photographers who have production peaks. The excellent photo quality, which is known to Epson, combined with the modern UltraChrome K3 ink set with Vivid Magenta, ensures true-to-life printer results. Grayscales are rendered in incomparable quality thanks to the three different black densities of this ink set. Depending on the media, the printer automatically switches between the black ink Photo, Black or Matte Black. In combination with the black ink Light Black and Light Light Black, professional black and white images are created. This method achieves finer tonal values with a natural look that is perfect for portrait shooting

With Vivid Magenta and three different density blacks, Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink provides improved gray balance and natural tonal gradations without color fading. In order to produce true black-and-white images, either a standard photo black or standard matt black as well as "Light Black" and "Light Light Black" are used automatically depending on the media type. Choose your own black and white, from warm to neutral or cool, customize it to your personal taste, and then save your settings with the printer driver. Epson is the only brand to offer the photographer a choice of gray tones, which can easily be customized and stored in the driver settings. The printer driver of the R3000 is very easy to use. It gives the photographer full control over the image and helps him to increase his productivity and set his own media settings. The ICC profiles can be used to optimize the print result and create professional-quality images - all in the photographer's individual style. This allows him to concentrate on taking pictures of the perfect image instead of acquiring knowledge in print production.

Contents Epson Stylus Photo R3000 Manual
  • Introduction; Important Safety Instructions, Printer Parts, Printer Features, Notes on Usage and Storage, Introducing the Supplied Software.
  • Basic Operations; Loading Cut Sheets, Loading and Cutting Roll Paper, Loading and Removing CDs and DVDs, Basic Printing Methods (Windows), Basic Printing Methods (Mac OS X, Printable area, Changing the Type of Black Ink, Turning Off the Power Using Power Off Timer[Cons LCD].
  • Printing Varieties; Auto Correct Color and Print Photos (PhotoEnhance[PrnDriver]), Correct color and print, Printing Black and White Photos., Borderless printing, Enlarged/Reduced Printing, Multi-Page Printing, Manual Double-Sided Printing (Windows only), Poster Printing (Enlarge to cover several sheets and print - Windows only), User-defined Paper Sizes/Custom Paper Sizes, Banner printing (on roll paper). Printing Directly from a Digital Camera, 
  • Color Management Printing;  About Color Management, Color Management Print Settings, Setting color management with the applications, Setting color management with the printer driver.
  • Maintenance;  Adjusting the Print Head, Replacing Ink Cartridges, Cleaning the Inside of the Printer.
  • Problem Solver; Messages, Troubleshooting.
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