Download Free Canon EOS 20D Manual.pdf This Canon EOS 20D user manual, Canon EOS 20D User Guide, Canon EOS 20D Owners Manual, Canon EOS 20D instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the Canon EOS 20D.

Table contents of Canon EOS 20D manual
  • Introduction
    Item Check List ~ Handling Precautions ~ Nomenclature ~ Conventions Used in this Manual
  • Getting Started
    Recharging the Battery ~ Installing and Removing the Battery ~ Using a Household Power Outlet ~ Mounting and Detaching a Lens ~ Installing and Removing the CF Card ~ Basic Operation ~ Menu Operations ~ Setting the Language ~ Set the power-off time/Auto power off ~ Setting the Date and Time ~ Replacing the Date/Time Battery ~ Cleaning the CMOS sensor ~ Dioptric Adjustment ~ Holding the Camera
  • Fully Automatic Shooting
    Using Full Auto ~ Basic Zone Modes ~ Self-timer Operation
  • Image Settings
    Setting the Image-recording Quality ~ Setting the ISO Speed ~ Setting the White Balance ~ Custom White Balance ~ Setting the Color Temperature ~ White Balance Correction ~ White Balance Auto Bracketing ~ Setting the Color Space ~ Selecting the Processing Parameters ~ Setting the Processing Parameters ~ File Numbering Methods ~ Checking Camera Settings
  • Setting the AF, Metering, and Drive Modes
    Selecting the AF Mode ~ Selecting the AF Point ~ Focusing an Off-Center Subject ~ When Autofocus Fails (Manual Focusing) ~ Selecting the Metering Mode ~ Selecting the Drive Mode
  • Advanced Operations
    Program AE ~ Shutter-Priority AE ~ Aperture-Priority AE ~ Depth of Field Preview ~ Manual Exposure ~ Automatic Depth-of-Field AE ~ Setting Exposure Compensation ~ Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) ~ AE Lock ~ Bulb Exposures ~ Mirror Lockup ~ LCD Panel Illumination ~ Using the Eyepiece Cover ~ You can also silence the beeper ~ CF Card Reminder
  • Flash Photography
    Using the Built-in Flash ~ Using EOS-Dedicated, External Speedlites ~ Using Non-Canon Flash Units
  • Image Playback 99
    Setting the Image Review Time
    Auto Image Rotation ~ Setting the LCD Brightness ~ Image Playback ~ Single image display, Index Display, Magnified View ~ Jump Display, Auto playback, Rotating an Image ~ Viewing the Images on a TV ~ Protecting Images ~ Erasing Images ~ Formatting the CF Card
  • Direct Printing from the Camera
  • DPOF: Digital Print Order Format
  • Customizing the Camera
  • Reference
download Canon EOS 20D manual

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