Download Free Kyocera Mita KM-8530 Manual.pdf This Kyocera Mita KM-8530 user manual, Kyocera Mita KM-8530 User Guide, Kyocera Mita KM-8530 Owners Manual, Kyocera Mita KM-8530 instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the Kyocera Mita KM-8530.

Table contents of Kyocera Mita KM-8530 manual
  • Safety Information
    Caution Labels and Indicators ~ Regulations ~ Requirements for Safe Use
  • Machine Information
    Machine Configuration ~ Turning On the Power Switch ~ Loading Paper
  • Copying Operations
    Positioning Originals ~ Setting Print Quantity ~ Setting Job During Warm-up ~ To Stop Scanning/Printing ~ Selecting Copy Size ~ Selecting Magnification Ratio (Lens Mode) ~ Selecting Density Level ~ Making Double-Sided Copies ~ Making Single-Sided Copies from Double-Sided Originals ~ Copying Using Special Paper (Multi-Sheet Bypass Tray) ~ Copying Using Memory ~ Output Mode for Machine without Finisher ~ Output Mode for Machine with Finisher ~ Selecting Binding Mode ~ Recalling Previous Job Settings ~ Checking Feature Selections and Proof Copying ~ Interrupt Copying
  • Job Memory & Help Mode
    Storing Job Conditions (Job Memory: Job Store) ~ Recalling Stored Job Settings (Job Memory: Job Recall) ~ Displaying Screen for Operation Guide (Help Mode)
  • Troubleshooting
    When “Call for Service” Message Is Displayed ~ Preventive Maintenance ~ Clearing Mishandled Paper ~ When “JAM” Appears on Folder Key (Or Arrow Key Flashes) ~ When “ADD PAPER” Appears on Folder Key (Or Arrow Key Flashes) ~ When “Memory Full” Message Is Displayed (Memory Overflow)When Power OFF/ON Screen Is Displayed ~ Troubleshooting Tips
  • Machine Specifications
    Main Body Specifications ~ Option Specifications
  • Advanced Information
    Programmed Shut-Off (Weekly Timer)
    Rotation ~ Vertical/Horizontal Zoom Mode ~ Making Folded Booklet (Folding / Stapling&Folding) ~ Punching File Holes in Copies (Punch) ~ Output Z-Folded Copies (Z-Folding) ~ Making Trimmed Booklet (Trimming) ~ Cover Sheet Feeding ~ Using Finisher Manually ~ Using Two Copiers in Tandem
  • Special Original
    Specifying Original Direction ~ Making Copy Quality Closer to Originals (Text/Photo Enhance) ~ Copying Mixed Size Originals (Mixed Original) ~ Copying Z-Folded Originals (Z-Folded Original) ~ Feeding Single Original from RADF (SDF) ~ Copying Non-Standard Size Originals (Original Form)
  • Applications
    To Display Application Selection Screen ~ Inserting Sheets and Covers (Sheet/Cover Insertion) ~ Locating Title Pages on the Right Side (Chapter) ~ Lay Out Several Pages onto One Sheet (Combination) ~ Making a Multiple Page Signature Booklet (Booklet) ~ Copying onto Transparent Films (Transparency Interleave) ~ Inserting Images into Printed Sets (Image Insert) ~ Dividing an Image into Right and Left Pages (Book Copy) ~ Programming Different Settings for an Output Job (Program Job)
  • Applications (continued)
    Erasing Outside of the Original (Non-Image Area Erase) ~ Reversing Color in Black and White Image (Reverse Image) ~ Repeating Selected Image Area (Repeat: Vert./Horiz. Mode) ~ Repeating Automatically or Selecting Repeating Times (Repeat: AUTO/ Repeat Mode) ~ Eliminating Black Copy Marks Along Borders (Frame/Fold Erasure) ~ Copying Image in the Center of Copy Paper (AUTO Layout) ~ Printing Images Fully to the Edges (All-Image Area) ~ Adjusting Position of Copy Image (Image Shift) ~ Reducing Images to Create Binding Margin (Reduce&Shift) ~ Printing Stamp, Page, Date/Time onto Copies (Stamp) ~ Printing Watermark onto Copies (Stamp) ~ Overlaying an Image onto Each Page Copied in the Job (Overlay) ~ Storing an Overlay Image in HDD /Overlaying Image Stored in HDD (Overlay Memory)
  • Network Function
    To Use Server Functions ~ Storing/Deleting Image Data in HDD (Image Store/Delete) ~ Storing Image Data While Copying (Image Store&Output) ~ Recalling Image Data from HDD (Image Recall) ~ To Use Web Utilities ~ To Display Information on Machine ~ To Display Current Machine Status (Job Status) ~ Operating Image Data Stored in HDD (HDD Job Information) ~ Setting E-Mail Transmission Function (Environment Setup) ~ Setting E.C.M. Function (Environment Setup) ~ Setting Scan Transmission Function (Environment Setup) ~ Transmitting/Editing Machine Setting File (Environment Setup)
  • Paper and Original Information
    Paper Information ~ Original Information
  • Maintenance & Supplies
    Adding Toner ~ Inserting a New Staple Cartridge into DF-630/635 Finisher ~ Empty Trash Basket of PU-108/PZ-108 Punching (Z-Folding) Unit ~ Empty Trash Basket of TU-108 Trimmer Unit ~ Cleaning Image Scanning Section ~ Checking Copy Count
  • Key Operator Mode
    How to Access the Key Operator Mode
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