Download free HP LaserJet P2015 user manual.pdf This HP LaserJet P2015 manual, HP LaserJet P2015 User Guide, HP LaserJet P2015 Owners Manual, HP LaserJet P2015 instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the HP LaserJet P2015.

Table contents of HP LaserJet P2015 User manual
  • Product information
  • Control panel
  • Product software
    Supported operating systems ~ Printer connections ~ Software for Windows ~ Software for Macintosh
  • Supported paper and other media
    Optimize print quality for media types ~ Guidelines for using media ~ Media to avoid ~ Media that can damage the printer ~ Paper ~ Labels ~ Transparencies ~ Envelopes ~ Card stock and heavy media ~ Letterhead and preprinted forms
  • Print tasks
    Load media ~ Print-quality settings ~ Print on special media ~ Print on both sides of the page (duplex) ~ Print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper (N-up printing) ~ Print booklets ~ Print watermarks ~ Cancel a print job
  • Managing and maintenance
    Printer information pages ~ HP ToolboxFX ~ Embedded Web server ~ Replace the print cartridge ~ Redistribute toner ~ Clean the printer ~ Clean the pickup roller (tray 1) ~ Clean the pickup roller (tray 2) ~ EconoMode
  • Problem solving
    Finding the solution ~ Status-light patterns ~ Common Macintosh problems ~ HP postscript level 3 emulation errors ~ Media problem solving ~ Printed page is different than what appeared on screen ~ Printer software problems ~ Improve print quality ~ Clearing jams ~ Network setup problem solving
HP LaserJet P2015 User Manual

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