Download free Brother DCP-7020 User Manual.pdf This Brother DCP-7020 User Guide, Brother DCP-7020 Owners Manual, Brother DCP-7020 instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the Brother DCP-7020. Throughout this Guide you will see special symbols alerting you to important warnings, notes and actions. Special fonts identify keys you should press, messages that appear on the LCD, and important points or related topics.

Table contents of Brother DCP-7020 user manual
  • Introduction
    Using this Guide ~ Choosing a location ~ How to access the complete User’s Guide ~ Control panel overview ~ Load document ~ About paper
  • Getting started
    Initial Setup ~ Setting the Paper Type ~ Setting the Paper Size ~ Setting the Beeper Volume ~ Toner Save ~ Sleep Time ~ Setting the LCD Contrast ~ Printing the User Settings List
  • Making copies
    Using the DCP as a copier ~ Using the Temporary Copy keys ~ Changing the default copy settings ~ Out of Memory message
  • Software Features
  • Important information
  • Troubleshooting and routine maintenance
    Troubleshooting ~ Error messages ~ Document jams ~ Paper jams ~ If you are having difficulty with your DCP ~ Improving the print quality ~ Cleaning the drum unit ~ Packing and shipping the DCP ~ Routine maintenance ~ Cleaning the outside of the DCP ~ Cleaning the scanner glass ~ Cleaning the laser scanner window ~ Cleaning the corona wire ~ Replacing the toner cartridge (TN-350) ~ How to replace the toner cartridge ~ Replacing the drum unit (DR-350) ~ Machine Information ~ Checking the Serial Number ~ Checking the Page Counters ~ Checking the Drum Life
Brother DCP-7020 user manual

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