The Canon PowerShot G10 offers a menu of specific print for quick access to the direct printing options. The PictBridge compatibility allows users to print to any PictBridge compatible printer without the need for a computer. A print/share button makes it easy to print and transfer the photos on a Windows or Macintosh computer. The PowerShot G10 has an available in 26 languages user interface: English, German, french, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Greek, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Thai, Arabic, Romanian, Ukrainian, and novelty of autumn 2008, Farsi (Iranian). In addition to SD, SDHC, and MMC memory cards, the PowerShot G10 is compatible with the cards, MMCplus and HC MMCplus. It comes with a memory card of 32 MB.
Canon DIGIC 4 (Digital Imaging Core) image processor manages all the main functions of the camera to optimize its efficiency of operation. Sophisticated image processing algorithms ensure a wealth of details and a superb color reproduction with a wonderfully white balance is accurate. Ultra-fast processing ensures an extraordinary reactivity of the unit, a fast autofocus point, and high performance when shooting continuously. The DIGIC 4 also driver technology of noise reduction optimized, i-contrast function and the AF/expo/expo flash/the white balance with face detection.

System Canon of AF/expo/expo flash/the white balance with face detection automatically detects up to 35 faces in the frame before adjusting the focus, exposure, the flash exposure and the balance of whites to ensure optimum results. This system is able to determine what faces are the main topics and instantly return to have AF system with 9 points if no face is the main subject of the scene. The selection and follow-up of a face allow the user to select a face in particular and to follow in order to ensure the best possible results. With face, detection self-timer facilitates groups photos by triggering shortly after laundry detected the entry of a new face in the framing.

Available in photography as in reading, the Canon i-contrast function parses the exhibition, dynamic range and other characteristics of an image of a scene and then increase the gain in dark areas to put the details without however to overexpose the image areas correctly exposed. The DIGIC 4 noise reduction feature ensures a minimal noise in areas for which exposure has been changed. The iSAPS (analysis of the scene based on photographic space) automatically optimizes key camera settings before each shot. Each scene is analyzed and compared to the photographic space, a vast photographic database. This allows the device to apply the necessary adjustments in terms of auto exposure, autofocus, and auto white balance until the image is saved.

The PowerShot G10 uses a shift of the lens image stabilization system to detect and correct the slight vibrations of the device can cause a blur from camera shake. The stabilizer applied for a compensation in the order of 4 speeds for better performance in low light conditions, when using focal lengths TV and when the vibrations are important. The system also benefits from a better sensitivity to the vibrations of low frequencies, such as the rolling of a ship. Tiny gyro sensors detect the vibrations of the resulting device of the movements of the hand. These signals, which may be the number of 8000 per second, twice the speed of signals of conventional stabilization systems, are handled by a controller of image stabilization, which distinguishes the vibrations from the hand of the intentional movements applied to the camera. Signals are then sent to the stabilizer, which moves one of the lenses accordingly in order to realign the light beams and to cancel the effects of the vibrations.

For increased accuracy and responsiveness, the mobile lens is mounted on tiny ceramic spheres. Minimizing friction, these ceramic spheres also avoid some of the problems, such as the thermal expansion and magnetism, which can affect the metal systems.