Download free Garmin Nuvi 660 User Manual.pdf This Garmin Nuvi 660 User Guide, Garmin Nuvi 660 Owners Manual, Garmin Nuvi 660 instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the Garmin Nuvi 660.

Table contents of Garmin Nuvi 660 user manual
  • Preface
    Manual Conventions ~ Contact Garmin ~ myGarmin ~ Tips and Shortcuts
  • Getting Started
    What Is in the Box? ~ Mounting the nüvi on the Windshield
  • Basic Operation
    Turning the nüvi On or Off ~ Charging the nüvi ~ Acquiring Satellites ~ Changing the Volume, Brightness, and Screen Lock ~ Resetting Your nüvi ~ Clearing User Information ~ Using the Anti-Theft Feature
  • Main Pages
    Understanding the Menu Page ~ Understanding the Map Page ~ Understanding the Trip Information Page ~ Understanding the Turns Preview Page ~ Understanding the Next Turn Page
  • Where to
    Finding Your Destination ~ Finding an Address ~ Finding a Place Using Coordinates ~ Finding a Place by Spelling the Name ~ Finding a Place Using the Map ~ Expanding Your Search ~ Adding a Stop to Your Route ~ Adding a Detour to Your Route ~ Stopping Your Route
  • Favorites
    Understanding Favorites ~ Saving Places You Find ~ Finding Saved Places ~ Saving Your Current Location ~ Setting a Home Location ~ Editing Saved Places
  • Travel Kit
    Listening to MP3 Files ~ Playing Audible Books ~ Viewing Pictures ~ Using the World Clock ~ Converting Currency ~ Converting Measurements ~ Using the Calculator
  • Using Bluetooth® Technology
    Calling a Number ~ Calling a Place ~ Receiving a Call ~ Using Call Waiting ~ Transferring Audio to Your Phone ~ Using the Phone Book ~ Using Call History ~ Calling Home ~ Using Voice Dial ~ Using Status ~ Using Text Messaging ~ Dropping a Connection ~ Removing a Phone from the List
  • Using FM Traffic
    LED Blink Codes ~ Viewing Traffic Incidents ~ Avoiding Traffic ~ Traffic Settings and Subscriptions
  • Using the FM Transmitter
    Listening to the nüvi on an FM Stereo ~ Switching between the nüvi and an FM Stereo ~ FM Transmitter Tips
  • Managing Files on Your nüvi
    Supported File Types ~ Loading Items to Your nüvi ~ Information about Your nüvi Drives ~ Deleting Files from the nüvi
  • Customizing the nüvi
    Restoring Settings ~ Changing the Map Settings ~ Changing the System Settings ~ Changing the Locale Settings ~ Changing the Display Settings ~ Changing the Navigation Settings ~ Changing the Bluetooth Settings ~ Changing the Traffic Settings ~ Changing the Proximity Points Settings
  • Appendix
    Updating the nüvi Software ~ Purchasing and Loading Additional Map
    Data ~ Using Safety Cameras ~ Custom POIs (Points of Interest) ~ Optional Accessories ~ About GPS Satellite Signals ~ Mounting the nüvi on Your Dashboard ~ Removing the nüvi and the Mount ~ Removing the Cradle from the Mount ~ Caring for Your nüvi ~ Battery Information ~ Troubleshooting ~ Declaration of Conformity ~ Software License Agreement ~ Specifications
Garmin Nuvi 660 user manual

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