Download free Lexmark C530dn User Manual.pdf This Lexmark C530dn User Guide, Lexmark C530dn Owners Manual, Lexmark C530dn instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the Lexmark C530dn.

Table contents of Lexmark C530dn user manual
  • Learning about the printer
    Configured models ~ Using the security lock feature ~ Understanding the control panel ~ Menus list
  • Installing options
    Installing a 550-sheet drawer ~ Installing internal options ~ Available options ~ Accessing the system board to install internal options ~ Installing a memory card ~ Installing a flash memory or firmware card ~ Installing a printer hard disk ~ Installing an internal print server or port interface card ~ Reinstalling the system board access cover ~ Attaching cables
  • Loading paper and specialty media
    Loading the standard tray ~ Loading the optional 550-sheet tray ~ Loading the multipurpose feeder ~ Using the multipurpose feeder ~ Loading the manual feeder ~ Using the manual feeder ~ Using the standard exit bin ~ Setting the Paper Size and Paper Type ~ Tray linking
  • Paper and specialty media guide
    Media guidelines ~ Using letterhead ~ Using transparencies ~ Using envelopes ~ Using labels ~ Using card stock ~ Storing media ~ Supported paper sizes, types, and weights
  • Printing
    Installing printer software ~ Printing a document from Windows ~ Printing a document from a Macintosh computer ~ Printing confidential and other held jobs ~ Printing from a USB flash memory device ~ Printing a menu settings page ~ Printing a network setup page ~ Printing a font sample list ~ Printing a directory list ~ Printing the print quality test pages ~ Printing a duplex job manually from a Macintosh computer ~ Printing only black text and graphics ~ Canceling a print job
  • Clearing jams
    Avoiding jams ~ Identifying the paper path ~ Accessing jam areas ~ Clearing jams just beyond Tray 1 ~ Clearing Tray 2 jams ~ Clearing jams behind the inner door ~ Clearing jams under the fuser or fuser cover ~ Clearing jams between the fuser and the standard exit bin ~ Clearing jams in the standard exit bin ~ Clearing jams in the duplex path ~ Clearing jams in the multipurpose feeder ~ Clearing jams in the manual feeder
  • Maintaining the printer
    Storing supplies ~ Checking the status of supplies ~ Conserving supplies ~ Aligning the toner cartridges ~ Cleaning the printhead lenses ~ Ordering supplies ~ Moving the printer
  • Administrative support
    Adjusting the brightness or contrast of the display ~ Disabling control panel menus ~ Enabling control panel menus ~ Disabling Quick Start mode ~ Restoring factory default settings ~ Adjusting Power Saver ~ Encrypting the printer hard disk ~ Disabling printer hard disk encryption ~ Locking the control panel menus using the Embedded Web Server ~ Locking the entire printer ~ Modifying confidential print settings ~ Supporting IPSec ~ Supporting SNMPv3 ~ Using 802.1x authentication ~ Using Secure mode
  • Troubleshooting
    Checking an unresponsive printer ~ Solving printing problems ~ Solving option problems ~ Solving paper feed problems ~ Solving print quality problems ~ Solving color quality problems ~ Contacting Customer Support
Lexmark C530dn user manual

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