Download Lexmark X1270 Manual PDF
Learn more about the Lexmark X1270 all-in-one printer, If you have not done so, follow the steps in the configuration sheet to complete the hardware and software installation. If problems occur during the installation process, see "Troubleshooting the Installation" on page 14 in this Lexmark X1270 manual, understand the parts of the  Lexmark X1270 all-in-one printer. The All-In-One has a control panel that allows you to scan and copy at the touch of a button, both the computer and All-In-One must be enabled to make copies. Use Lexmark X1270 All-In-One Center software to scan, copy, and fax documents. Use the View Saved Images page to perform tasks with images saved on the computer. The View Saved Images page consists of three sections. The Maintain / Troubleshoot page provides you with direct links to the Lexmark Solution Center.

Print Properties is the software that controls the all-in-one printing function. You can change the settings in Print Properties depending on the type of project you want to create. All print settings are on the three main tabs of the Print Properties software: Quality/Copies, Paper Setup, and Print Layout. In the Save Settings menu, you can name and save the settings of the current print properties for later use. You can register up to five custom settings. Use the Options menu to edit the Quality Options, Layout Options, and Print Status Options settings. For more information about these settings, open the tabs dialog from the menu, and then click the Help button in the dialog box. The Lexmark X1270 Solution Center is a valuable information resource. To open the Lexmark Solution Center, the Lexmark Solution Center consists of six tabs: Printer Status, How To, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Contact Information, and Advanced.

The troubleshooting section helps you solve any problems you may have with the All-In-One. Additional troubleshooting information is available in the Lexmark Solution Center. For help accessing the Lexmark Solution Center, see page 8. When I insert the All-In-One software CD, nothing happens, Lexmark X1270 does not communicate with the computer, All-In-One prints slowly, Print is too dark or smudged, The vertical lines are jagged or the edges are not smooth, white lines appear in graphics or solid black areas, Lexmark X1270 has a paper jam, scanning, copying, copying, and fax troubleshooting, the removal and reinstallation of the software.

Download Lexmark X1270 Manual PDF

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