Download free SciPhone i68 user manual.pdf This SciPhone i68 manual, SciPhone i68 User Guide, SciPhone i68 Owners Manual, SciPhone i68 instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the SciPhone i68.

Table contents of SciPhone i68 User manual
  • Features and functions
  • Appearance and keys
    Appearance of the phone ~ Key definitions ~ Touch-screen and pen ~ Sports sensor
  • Instructions
    How to load the battery ~ How to remove the battery ~ How to insert your SIM card ~ How to remove your SIM card ~ How to recharge the batter ~ How to power on/off ~ Insert and remove your memory card
  • Dial and receive calls
    dial calls ~ Speed dial from phone book ~ Speed dial from call list ~ Dial an emergency number ~ How to dial an international call ~ Answer a call ~ Adjusting the call volume ~ Calling options ~ Missed calls
  • Multimedia
  • Phone book
  • Messages /sending messages
  • Call list
  • Calendar
  • Memos
  • Clock
  • JAVA
  • Network service
  • Management tools
SciPhone i68 User Manual

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