Download free Motorola Brute i680 User Manual.pdf This Motorola Brute i680 User Guide, Motorola Brute i680 Owners Manual, Motorola Brute i680 instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the Motorola Brute i680. This User Guide introduces you to your wireless service and all the features of your new phone. Throughout this guide, you’ll find tips that highlight special shortcuts and timely reminders to help you make the most of your new phone and service. The Table of Contents and Index will also help you quickly locate specific information. You’ll get the most out of your phone if you read each section. However, if you’d like to get right to a specific feature, simply locate that section in the Table of Contents and go directly to that page. Follow the instructions in that section, and you’ll be ready to use your phone in no time.

Table contents of Motorola Brute i680 User Manual
  • Introduction
  • Use and Care
  • Setting Up Service
    Setting Up Your Phone ~ Activating Your Phone ~ Setting Up Voicemail ~ Enabling Security ~ Account Passwords ~ Getting Help
  • Phone Basics
    Your Phone ~ Getting Started With Your Phone ~ Navigating Through Menus and Options ~ Displaying Your Numbers ~ Entering Text ~ Accessories
  • Making and Answering Calls
    Types of Calls ~ Phone Calls ~ Nextel Direct Connect ~ Group Connect ~ Nextel Direct Send ~ Talkgroups ~ Call Alerts ~ Direct Talk
  • Service Features: The Basics
    Message Center ~ Receiving Messages ~ Voicemail ~Multimedia Messages (MMS) ~ Text Messaging (SMS) ~ Caller ID Blocking ~ Call Waiting ~ Making a Second Call ~ Making a Three-Way Call ~ Call Forwarding ~ Making International Calls ~ Special Dialing Codes ~ Nextel Phone Services
  • Data Services
    Wireless Data Services ~ Downloading Content
  • Settings
    Sound Settings ~ Display Settings ~ Messaging Settings ~ Airplane Mode ~ Setting One Touch Direct Connect ~ Headset Options ~ Profiles ~Phone Setup Options ~ Personalize ~ DC/GC Options Menu ~ Security Settings
  • Recent Calls
    About Recent Calls ~ Viewing Recent Calls ~ Recent Calls Options ~ Saving Items From Recent Calls ~ Deleting Items From Recent Calls ~ Prepending a Number From Recent Calls
  • Contacts
    About Contacts ~ Creating Contacts Entries ~ Viewing Contacts ~ Adding a Number to an Entry ~ Editing Entries ~ Deleting Entries ~ Assigning Speed Dial Numbers ~ Selecting a Ringer Type for an Entry ~ Assigning a Picture to an Entry
  • Tools
    Datebook ~ My Info~ Java Applications ~ Digital Rights Management (DRM) ~ GPS Enabled ~ Memo Feature ~ Voice Records ~ Call Timers
  • microSD Card
    Using a microSD Card With Your Phone ~ microSD Settings ~ microSD Folders ~ Connecting Your Phone to Your Computer
  • Camera
    Taking Pictures ~ Camera Options ~ Recording Videos ~ Storing Pictures and Videos
  • Bluetooth
    Turning Bluetooth On and Off ~ Bluetooth Menu ~ Connecting Bluetooth Devices ~ Sending Items via Bluetooth
  • Multimedia
    Media Center ~ My Music ~ My Images ~ My Videos
Motorola Brute i680 User Manual