Download free Pinnacle Video Transfer User Manual.pdf This Pinnacle Video Transfer User Guide, Pinnacle Video Transfer Owners Manual, Pinnacle Video Transfer instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the Pinnacle Video Transfer. This manual is printed on chlorine-free, bleached paper using solvent-free ink. Pinnacle Systems, Inc. has written this manual to the best of its knowledge, but does not guarantee that the programs/systems will fulfill the users’ intended applications. No warranty is made as to the specifications of features. Pinnacle Systems, Inc. retains the right to make alterations to the content of the manual without obligation to inform third parties. All quotes, sales, supply and manufacturing contracts from Pinnacle Systems, Inc., including consulting, installation and other contractual services are subject exclusively to the General Sales and Delivery Terms of Pinnacle Systems, Inc.

Table contents of Pinnacle Video Transfer user manual
  • Safety Instructions
    Power Cable and Plug ~ Where Not to Install the Device ~ Problems With Other Devices ~ Housing and Internal Components ~ Condensation ~ Non-Use ~ Accessories ~ Copyrights ~ CE / FCC Conformity Statement
  • Overview
  • Step by Step
    Connect Power Supply and Turn Pinnacle Video Transfer On or Off ~ Connecting a Video Source ~ Connecting the USB Device ~ Setting the Recording Quality ~ Meaning of the LED Displays ~ Recording ~ Where are the Recordings Saved
  • Tips and Tricks
    Firmware Update ~ Resetting Pinnacle Video Transfer
Pinnacle Video Transfer user manual